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Pip’s School For Slumpy Creatives: Lesson Five

Here we go again. Lesson FIVE in the fun and free and free-wheeling creative kick-start!


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My Nanna is my biggest creative inspiration. She lives alone in a little flat in Hobart, Tasmania, but when we were kids, she lived with us a lot of the time. She is the hardest working, fairest person I know. Growing up she showed her love with hugs, cheeky smiles and big laughs. She is a great cackler. She loves a good joke.

She also showed her love via baked goods, dinners in front of the telly and handmade things. She was always DOING something, MAKING something, CREATING something, in a traditionally domestic kind of way. She was not artsy at all, but she made things that were beautiful or delicious or useful and passed them on to us or others who might need them.

Her handmade kindness and serious work ethic are what I aspire to. She’s had a hard life, losing her husband a year after they were married, caring for my now father-less Mum and her own siblings for many of her years, and now living alone knitting things for the Red Cross and sending packages to the grandchildren.

Pretty much all of my feelings about creativity can be traced back to the excellent example my Nanna modelled for me.

My Mum is creative too, obviously. She was first in line for that crown, after Nan. My dad also used to make things: he sewed A LOT, believe it or not, and our early years were spent wearing Dad-made frocks.

I guess from all of that, my childhood is dotted with hand sewn, home-baked, handmade things. I am lucky that I a) can take it for granted and b) don’t get too crazy elevating creativity to an art form. For me, it’s a way of life. I think it either is, or can be, like that for you too.

What I want you to do for this exercise is to make a list of creative memories.
For some people they will be prolific and plentiful.
For others they will be harder to recall.
That is OKAY. I just want you to start somewhere.

Is it the smell of the glue in primary school?
Is it peeling play doh off your shoe in kindergarten?
Is it playing with the lady-next-door’s buttons?
Trips to fabric stores with a grandmother?
Tearing up your own work?
The waxy smell of crayons?

I want you to write down as many things as you can remember. And don’t stop today. Keep thinking on this and adding to the list.

Sometimes, recalling this stuff helps us to understand the things we are interested in right now. Perhaps we are seeking to recreate moods or memories from childhood as part of our creative journey? This is a great thing.

There’s a weird/awesome sense of deja-vu/delight as we connect the dots from our distant creative past and our present. We can come full circle and feel very sure and steady on our feet when we make those connections.

Have fun doing this thing! Back with our next lesson soon!

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  • Maxabella
    September 9, 2016 at 10:05 AM

    I always wanted a more ‘maker’ creative family – except for me, mine was far more bookish creative, creative with words. I was the weird arty with paint stained hands. The one who redecorated my room every other month or picked flowers for the dinner table. My family encouraged every bit of it, but never quite understood it.

    • Meet Me At Mikes
      September 12, 2016 at 4:56 PM

      Being the black sheep is hard, but great. I FEEL YOU!!! xx

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