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:: Pip’s Link-a-long

Okay. Here’s a thing I’m doing. I’m doing a Linkin-a-long. No. It’s actually called a Link-a-long. Sorry. I want to do this because my name is Pip Lincolne (LINKIN’!!) And because I want to link along to a few other blogs/people I like.

You know, I notice people are skimming blogs a lot more now. They like to look at the pictures. Sometimes they’re not even READING the posts (unless they are about something super sad or scary or click-baity) and they don’t have time to comment either.  (A while ago I wrote a post with some very sad stuff in it… and only ONE PERSON noticed the sad stuff! I think this shows us how busy everyone is, trying to get through their blog reading. I didn’t take it to heart, but I think it’s interesting and tells us that things have shifted a bit.)

I also notice people borrowing good ideas from other blogs, but not taking the time to explain where the idea came from or being nice and linking back. All kinds of things: crafty projects, recipes, ideas… I totally understand that it’s nice to be the centre of attention when you make something or do something or write something cool. It’s even nicer to reveal the inspiration behind your (hopefully tweaked) attention getting thing. Share the love and reward other clever types. Virtually fist bump the people who give you a creative push. It’s okay to evolve other people’s ideas, for sure, but it’s super okay to hi-five the original idea hatcher, respond to them, reference them, even! Do it!

All this makes me ponder life in Blogland. What it all means. Why people aren’t linking or crediting in the way they know they should. Why  I am even blogging, in fact…. *insert sad face*

In a response to the shifting and noticing I thought it would be cute/useful to take a positive approach (and not get bogged down in the sad-face bits). I’m starting a Link-A-Long. Each time I do it I’m going to write about a few people who have inspired me recently and link to them. I’m going to tell you a little bit about why they inspire me and my creative life.

If you’d like to do the same thing you can! Write your Link-A-Long post and then leave a link to that here so we can all see who’s inspiring you this week!  Maybe it’s another blogger? Maybe it’s a film? Or an author? It’s up to you!  Here’s my very first Link-A-Long…

1. Michelle Crawford of Hugo & Elsa

Some people carry on like a pork chop about their achievements and the things they are doing (possibly I do that!) Michelle Crawford on the other hand just coolly (as in assuredly, not aloofly!) gets on with amazing stuff, creates deliciousness and beauty and basically gets the job done. Every. Single. Time I look at her Instagram or blog I get an overwhelming sense of home, calm, softness and light. I know. That sounds weird. But it’s really true. The potent mix of photos of my home state and things I’d love to touch or feel or smell is a heady and inspiring combination for me.  Visit Michelle here and follow her on Instagram here. She’s got a book coming out later in the year too. It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see! Fist bump MC!

2.  Robin Wright/Claire Underwood

I have watched all of House Of Cards and I really love Robin Wright. Who knew that pretty actress from the 90s who for some reason married Sean Penn would become a formidable actor and director, securing her place as Hollywood royalty forevermore? I didn’t know. But I know now. Some people find House of Cards boring or prefer the UK version. That’s cool. I love the US version (and look forward to watching the other too.) I like making up my own mind and my mind says Robin Wright rules the roost. You don’t have to LIKE her character, but you surely must admit that she’s played to perfection by The Princess Bride. I love RW because she is hard working, she pushes on and she reinvents herself. Fist bump to RW!

3. Rubyellen (and family) from Cakies
Do you read this blog? I read it for a long time and then it dropped out of my reader when I switched from Google Reader to Feedly. Thank heavens I twigged and resubscribed. Phew. I LOVE this blog. Every picture tells a joyful, fun, colourful story. I want to climb into the Cakies blog with a unicorn under one arm and some nice biscuits and glitter and a crochet hook under the other. Add it to your reader and make your world a happier place.  Cakies is full of cute little people, delicious food and crafty adventures. You should also go look at Rubyellen’s Flickr because the home shots especially are cosy/cute/cool (look out for the gorgeous crocheted blankies, especially!) Fist bump Rubyellen!

4. Fran Atkinson
I really think if it weren’t for writer and editor Fran, no one would even be reading my blog. She was always an amazing supporter of the things we did when we still had our shop, writing about us many times and she continues to wave encouragingly from the boundary line of my life. (Not that she’s here just to watch me, but I feel like she’s a really awesome handmade supporter and if Craft were a sport she’d be one of the people running around with the CRAFT jumper over her head shaking pom-poms and whooping loudly. In a ladylike way.) She’s got a long, dedicated, enthusiastic history of supporting artists, crafters and independent retail.Fist bump Fratkinson!

5. Jo Walker
If Jo Walker hadn’t taken me under the Frankie wing, I’d probably still be sprinkling confetti on wincing customers and telling everyone I was going to live the crafty dream. Not only did Jo put me in her really great magazine, she noticed the things I was doing and supported the good bits. She even let me write for Frankie. I think her support has been really instrumental in my ‘career’… (whatever that is.) Apart from all the bits she’s done for me, she continues to edit everyone’s favourite quirky, beautiful, crafty ‘little magazine, year in and year out and push interesting, deserving people gently into the limelight. Fist bump Jo!

Thank you to these people who have inspired, happy-fied and supported me! Of course there are more people to fist bump but I will save them until NEXT time.

If you want to write a Link-A-Long post… do it! And if you’d like to share the post, add it to the linky below. You can write about ONE person or a few. It’s up to you. Share your inspirations?

xx Pip

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