It’s back. The terribly produced podcast you didn’t know you needed. Yup. Fifteen minutes of me pretending to talk to you on the phone, with links and chatter here, to follow up.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in questions to discuss/answer. BRILLIANT. I am going to work through those in the coming weeks “on air” (titter!), so stay tuned for an answer to yours!

Let’s. Get. Started!

Quick NB: My Melbourne accent really DOES have me saying a slight ‘sumpthing’ – and I just can’t help it. Not the much tutted ‘sumpthink’ but a sort of almost ‘something’ with a HINT of a “p”. How interest-p-ing. Also the “tsks” are back, but there are fewer “umms” which is a small improvement, at least.

Okay. Let’s Get. Started! For real this time.

Direct link to Pipcast 2
Listen to Pipcast 1

“Show” notes #snort

Here’s what we (and by we, I mean I) chatted about today:

+ More on the Mars One Mission“It is Mars One’s goal to establish a human settlement on Mars. Human settlement of Mars is the next giant leap for humankind. Exploring the solar system as a united humanity will bring us all closer together.” Erm. I’m not convinced. Maybe being nicer to each other will bring us all closer together. PLUS let’s not wreck another planet, eh? Mars should be ONLY for good people who don’t ruin things. Thanks for this prompt Edie!

Scheduling your worries – so radical, it just might work!

Leather oven mitts – for that 50 shades of gravy vibe. You’re welcome.

+ Plov. What even is it? It is rice, everyone. It is rice. Heidi has more. Also you can look here and here. It’s from Uzbekistan (not Nepal or whatever I guessed at!)

+ A bit more about eating nourishing food and mental health – thanks for the question Reannon.

+ Herbal tea? I’ve got nothing. Help me. Which ones are good?

+ Sewer or sewer? I looked it up and sewer (a person who sews) and sewer (a place where gross things live) are actually HETERONYMS not HOMOPHONES.

A heteronym “(also known as a heterophone) is a word that is written identically but has a different pronunciation and meaning. In other words, they are homographs that are not homophones.”

So easy to understand. *Insert side-eye*  Do you have any favourite heteronyms? Favourite heteronyms are the new favourite song. “We must polish the Polish furniture.” Nods. “Do you know what a buck does to does?” Oh my god shut up. “A seamstress and a sewer fell down into the sewer.” A sad story indeed.

Marcella Hazan’s special tomato sauce with butter and one whole onion (and those amazing meatballs I mentioned). Do yourself a favour and make these things. The secret to the sauce is the butter and the secret to the meatballs seems to be all that water. So delish.

Zan and Myf’s podcast, called Bang On. This week’s was very funny and now I want to go to Hawaii. Zan talked to me on Twitter last week and now we too are besties. So popular. (Yes I am going to tell you every time someone famous talks to me. I am indeed that insecure.)

+ The book I slipped and bought – My Kitchen in Rome by Rachel Roddy. You can read her Guardian columns for free here.

+ The dinner toss up – Chilli tofu or spicy noodles – both by (my bestie) Meera Sodha. I went for the tofu!

Thank you so much for reading and listening! I do so appreciate it and I’m having fun putting this podcast-pretender together i.e. pretending to chat to you on the phone!

Talk soon!!!

x Pip

PS: Put your thinking caps on because NEXT WEEK we’re going to talk about choosing a proper name for this 15 minutes of chatter. But don’t tell me your ideas now. Wait ’til then.


  1. I really enjoyed this! Looking forward to episode 3 🙂

  2. lovely, thank you. makes my head relax 🙂

    • Sarah

    • 3 years ago

    I am loving your “Pipcast”. My anxiety had me in all sorts on Saturday and I feel that I waste a lot of time being in all sorts instead of having a nice time. I try to fake it until I make it on these days… it’s exhausting sometimes. I made your Mee Goreng on Thursday and it was epic. I’m definitely going to do the tomato sauce this week with meatballs. Look forward to hearing the next instalment Pip!

    • Josephine

    • 3 years ago

    I love these chats so much! I don’t have any pressing questions, but I do have a couple of favourite herbal teas to recommend! I love Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime teas – the vanilla and the bengal spice are two favourites in our house (and they’re available in the supermarket)! The other one I love is Tulsi Tummy Tea – gingery and soothing (this one is more likely to be found in a health food shop)!

  3. Oh thanks for episode two! I’m loving it!

    My favourite herbal tea is pouring boiling water over fresh mint leaves from the garden, then let it infuse for a few minutes. You can use a tea pot or coffee plunger. So delicious. Lemon verbena and lemon balm are also good . Mint’s super easy to grow, and then you always have something to delicious on hand to make a brew. Also did you know that tea bags aren’t biodegradable ( I only just discovered!) – they’re made from plastic, which is why I started to make herbal tea this way.

    Cheerio Mxx

    PS I also love Rachel Alice Roddy, I think she’s one of the best food writers around.

    • Sue

    • 3 years ago

    Pukka herbal teas are great, especially the Relax, Lemongrass & Ginger and Peppermint & Licorice ones. X

    • Reannon

    • 3 years ago

    Oh Pip thank you for answering my questions. I actually had a bit of a lightbulb moment when listening to you talk about how you just accept your anxiety ( for the most part. Kid induced anxiety is hard to deal with ). I always find I apologise to those around when I’m overly anxious but I also apologise when I talk to much or too often. I apologise for so much of who I am & I want to stop doing that. I’m
    Going to try very hard to just sit with my anxiety without letting it get the best of me.
    And I could not agree more with good food=good mental health. I love that you love sharing recipes. Please don’t ever stop! Also, your food post on insta very inspiring & often send me off to search someone/something new. Thanks for that x

      • Reannon

      • 3 years ago

      Oh & don’t apologise for getting excited when someone famous comments or likes your stuff, I do too! I was excited you answers my questions!

  4. Humans are terrible. I think this everytime I get on the train. Send the good people yup! Rosehip and hibiscus tea is fabulous. So good. Thanks for answering my question xxxxx

      • Sarah

      • 3 years ago

      Edie, have you been watching MARS on SBS? It’s rather good and is a mocumentary in 2033 of the first people who go there.

      1. Omg NO!!! But now I need to!!! Thanks Sarah xxx

    • Kate

    • 3 years ago

    I just looked at the leather oven mitts, that’s a no from me. Apart from the price they just didn’t look right.
    Thanks for the link to the happy kitchen, in my very scientific study of one, I know that the food I put into my body has a huge impact on my mental health. I’m a definite support of the gut as the second brain. Sadly lately I’ve been a very lazy cook and as such I’ve also been a bit of a Debbie downer (apologies to any Debbie’s reading). So with this as a kick up the bum, I’m going to find that book and get back to cooking nourishing delicious food.
    Cheers Kate

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