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What Are You Cooking These Days?

August 4, 2021

I’ve been doing a shirt-load of cooking since I moved back to Tassie. My standard dishes are different here, partly because I have two grown-up kiddos living with me and partly because the food supply is different here. We tend to be making a lot of things we can’t easily get locally … things like Malaysian-style Chicken Curry, Laksa, Spicy Korean-ish Chicken, Char Siu and lots of random robust curries. Our town doesn’t have an asian grocer or an Indian…

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Wish-listed Books 001

August 3, 2021

Here’s a whole bunch of excellent-looking books that I’ve saved to my wishlist. Perhaps some of these are your cup of tea too? What are you reading, pal?   1/ World of Wonders by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. (Follow Aimee on Twitter.) 2/ Futuresteading by Jade Miles. (More about clever Jade on Instagram.) 3/ A Year of Living Simply by Kate Humble. (More about Kate.) 4/ How to be a Good Creature by Sy Montgomery. (Follow Sy on Twitter here.) 5/ The…

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My Nan died and now my university degree costs $18K more

August 2, 2021

I loved my Nan. Her cheekiness. Her grumpiness. Her lifelong devotion to the footy. Her stoicism. Her nifty craftiness. When COVID job loss and the subsequent financial ruin forced me out of Victoria (my home for 35+ years) and back to the state where I was born, spending more time with her was one of the things I most looked forward to. Little did I know that it was not to be. And that her loss would impact in ways…

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Coming Home

July 24, 2021

A little over a year ago it would have been impossible to imagine the world we live in now. We were humming along with our pre-COVID lives, many of us quite certain that pandemics were the stuff end-of-days Oscar winning films were made of. Little did we know … Fast-forward to now and we’ve all suffered losses of some kind (jobs, loved ones, fitness, superannuation, freedom). It’s been the sort of steep learning curve that has taught us to count…

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A New Guided eCourse From Me: Inspiration Information

July 8, 2021

My eCourse Inspiration Information is running again in late August with all new content designed to give you a creative pick-me-up and help you find a creative gang. It’s all online and you can do it at your own pace. A bunch of other interesting people will work along beside you (at their own pace!) The group is guided by me for 30 days to give you a good shot at staying focused, establishing fresh habits and finding fun new…

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Nice Stuff For Good People #005

July 3, 2021

Remember this series? I didn’t. I forgot allllll about it. What a goose I am. Let’s revisit it? Let’s bring it back?! + Something To Cook Jen Limmm’s wontons. Oh. My. Gosh. Yes. + Something To Craft Clever cookie Holly’s gorgeous Gigi Jumper. I just bought this pattern! I’m super excited to get cracking on it. + Something To Listen To The new Kings of Convenience album, perhaps? Sounds perfect to me! + Something To Wear Oh my gawsh I…

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Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock … in June

June 28, 2021

What better thing is there to do for one’s wellbeing than to pause and notice who you are and what you do and why you do it? Taking Stock Making a puffy scarf with a generous popcorn stitch and colourful yarn. It’s very snuggly and works up quick too! I’m also working on my mini granny blanket. I’m really trying to get stuck into my giant pile of crafty work-in-progresses and finish them off! Getting impatient to throw a bunch of…

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