I have been making this blanket for my niece Zoe for quite a while, and guess what? I've nearly finished it! I just need to put the edge on and it's D to the ONE! Phew! I love these colours together. It's so cute and cheerful and pretty. Luckily it's going to a cute, cheerful and pretty person.

It was actually her birthday last week, so I am a titch late. Still, it's the hook that counts, right?! (That is a crochet joke, FYI!)

I hope you had a lovely Easter break. I really did. I feel like myself again. Cam is away so I'm getting all of the stretching out in bed and all of the solid blocks of sleep and all of the eating the things I want to cook. I feel pretty spoilt!

Rin came over last night and we talked about lots of things. Friendship and family and divas and funerals and fashion and pyjamas. It was really nice. Then Joe picked her up after the gym and they zoomed off into the night.

I'm really LOVING our Walking Book Club book (see previous post!) There are a lot of characters, I will grant you that, but once you get into it you will be HOOKED! It's got pretty skirts, baby bunnies, dispatched chickens, foxes, piccalilli, knitting Nancies and even more good stuff. You have to read it!

Also. I made a really good giant bun. I will tell you about that another time and share the recipe. It was delicious! (No I did not eat it all!)

Write soon,

x Pip