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:: 52 Hellos: Week 12

  This week in our letter writing project – 52 Hellos – a letter from Dani. What a treat. Dani’s hello came with two tissue-y letters and some mysterious found photos belonging to her distant Aunt Maggie… Well. Maybe a grandparent’s cousin is not really an Aunt? I am not sure, but let’s say it’s the truth, for now! Excellent.   When my grandfather’s cousin, Maggie died, her son sent an old cardboard photo album plus a blue plastic bag full of a hundred or so unsorted photos. There are poignant baby photos and bush landscapes and old pastoral scenes. Maggie

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:: 10 Things I Realised About Creativity When I Went On The Radio (& A Recipe for Corn Chowder)

Yesterday, Rachel Power (author/editor of Motherhood & Creativity), Clare Bowditch and myself were on the radio to talk about juggling parenting and creativity, with a bit of a focus on Rachel’s (great) new book. I love doing radio. There is none of the stress of looking nice and all of the opportunity to talk about things that are important to you. Jon Faine’s program, The Conversation Hour is a bit of a Melbourne institution and I felt very lucky to get a chance to be part of it. We all got to speak about our own creative lives and the

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:: Eat A Croque!

  Hello! Are you well? I am well. My wrist is all healed and I am going to start crocheting again tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as I was quite forlorn sans crochet over the weekend. It was still nice, don’t get me wrong, but I have a blanket to finish and its been staring at me from its basket for many, many days now. I will be very glad to get back to it. The weather is cool and drizzly here. I saw three girls wearing tartan today (one was me) which is a sure sign that

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:: Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor

I stumbled across this great piece about how Tim Gunn (of Project Runway and Parsons School Of Fashion) spends his Sundays. It made me so happy, I thought you might love it too. I adore Tim Gunn. He’s such a sweet person (from what I can tell!) I loved taking a peek into his day and hearing about his habits and motivation. I hope you do too! Tim has a new book out. You can see that here. x Pip   PS: Gosh. It’s so dark in the mornings, isn’t it? All inky skies and undulating leafy waves… So intense!

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:: Birthday (and other days) Mee Goreng

  I love Mee Goreng. Granted it’s not a simple dish, but it is super delicious and all those elements ensure it’s packed with flavour and a total crowd pleaser. If you are a vegetarian you can omit the chicken and fish cake and it will STILL be amazingly good. If you are gluten intolerant, you can switch out to some fat rice based noodles. If you are allergic to prawns (like Ari) don’t add the prawns – and if you are on a budget you can omit the prawns too. It’ll STILL be yum. We made this dish a

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:: 52 Hellos : Week 11

Deanna wrote to us for #52hellos. I thought I’d not only share her letter, but also write back to her here. Here goes!   March 2015, Fitzroy   Dear Deanna, Thank you so much for writing to me! I am so pleased you did. Every time I check the PO Box I give myself a little pep talk and assure myself that I will have enough letters to get me to the end of the year. Thanks for helping to make sure that I do! Can you believe, I’ve never been to the Duke Of Wellington but I really do

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:: It’s My Birthday!

  Hello peaches! How are you today? I am good… It’s my birthday!!!! I am having a nice time with my family and looking forward to a yummy dinner later (at home!) too. I am the Queen of Homebodies, I tell ya. I need a sash and a crown and a special pair of slippers to properly claim my title. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes so far. It’s pretty nice to be on the receiving end of so much kindness and hip-hip-hooraying! Have the very best kind of weekend, won’t you? x Pip

:: In The Middle Of Our Street

  Last year, on the last day of my Hobart trip, Mum and I went for a big drive around all our old haunts. We drove past all the houses we lived in before we left Tasmania and moved to Western Australia and I took photos and filed them way.  I found them again today while I was sifting through some old files. I think they belong on my blog and I thought it would be nice to write about these homes. When we left I was only nine, so my memories of these houses are obviously super childish. The top

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:: Behold! The Mirabel Bun-Anza!

  People can be great, can’t they? I think they can. Sometimes you might read the news and doubt the goodness that’s out there, pinging around the place, but if you read this news right here on my blog, you will be persuaded otherwise (even if it’s just for a little while!) When I did a little call-out for handmade rabbits for the kids The Mirabel Foundation supports, I thought I would get around ten. The final count is actually 110 which makes me realise that a) you don’t have to nag people to get stuff done, often people just get

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Taking Stock : March

  I thought it was HIGH TIME I did my March Taking Stock. I’ve really been doing quite a lot of different things and it’s always pretty nice to reflect on that and realise where I am (and how lucky I am, I guess!) If you’d like to Take Stock in March – head to the bottom of this post and cut and paste the list across to your blog. If you’d like us to visit you, add yourself to the  LINKY list too (it’s also at the bottom of this post – but you have to actually visit my

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:: 52 Hellos: Week 10

  We’re a bit lucky this week, because Naomi has sent us her hello. I love this hello, not only because it’s beautiful, but because of the story about the rain-umbrella-no-lady! That is TOTALLY something that would happen to me!  I am so sorry it happened to YOU, Naomi! Gah! I think it can be hard to process kindness, sometimes. I think maybe some people see it as pity? Or perhaps think it’s a bit patronising? Or don’t want to be indebted? Or something? I don’t know… I wonder if that kind of thing has happened to you, reader person

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:: Listen – I Love This!

  Just a quick pop-in… I’ve been tooling around on YouTube, trying to distract myself from the news-at-hand. I love this band and I really love this track. I thought you might love it too! x Pip  

:: The Like Cycle & Daydreamy Wanderlust

Image via Matt and Lentil’s Grown & Gathered Flower Exhange – a totally beautiful idea where you can trade your own talents or things for beautiful blooms. How great is that?!   Hello… I’ve been thinking a lot over the weekend about a lot of different things. Here are two of them… Thing One: The Like Cycle Wow. You know, social media has many of us wanting to pin our hopes on much-followed ‘online superstars’. Our new heroes.  Yay! The idea that follower/like numbers equals success feeds alarmingly into this equation. Not only are we sidling up to the much-followed more readily (because they have

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:: For The Love Of A Long Weekend

Gosh. I swear, I am NEVER happier than I am on a Sunday in the midst of a long weekend. It feels so good to have that extra day. Surely there is a way to do this every week…! So far, I’ve been making delicious things and sewing cute things and reading good things and watching good things… Making : Mee Goreng as part of Rin’s birthday dinner last night. Happy Birthday Rin! (Rin is my eldest child/adult/person!) Sewing: two bunnies for our Mirabel Foundation BunAnza! One is adapted from Claire ‘Loobylu‘ Robertson’s pattern (from my first book) and the

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:: 52 Hellos: Week 09

Let’s hello? Shall we? Do let’s! Here are this week’s letters (with a huge thank you so much to their senders, Ashlea and Jo!) click each image to enlarge and read more easily (if that works better for you!)   Did you read Ashlea’s letter? Man. I loved reading it. I loved the bits about the green lawn and Fraser Island and camping and fishing in a freshwater lake. I also thought it was really generous of Ashlea to talk about how hard it can be to conceive, and the feeling women (couples) navigate when things don’t go according to

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