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:: Rinday & This Is 50

July 16, 2014

image by Kristin Perers

Today I went into the city and had lunch with Rin. We went to Grand BBQ again.  Before I met her I bought Ari a copy of The Roots 'How I Got Over' and nipped into Magnation and bought the latest Anthology Magazine. I really like that magazine. I am so happy, actually, that there are so many magazines that are NON-stupid and made for people like us. In the old days magazines were more stupid and for shiny, toothy, sparkly people. NOW there are magazines for people like us. We are more the plaid, birch, floral, velvet, gingham, pastel, neon type of people. But I digress.


:: Rad Happenings!

 Life-size fibreglass rhinoceros Sydney-based artist Georgia Perry designed as part of Taronga Zoo’s Wild Rhino Trail.

Oh hello! Here are some things that are happening in Melbourne! I wanted to tell you about these ones because these people are really awesome and you might like to support the things they do (or at the very least find out more!) Let's go to...