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Each To Own + Meet Me At Mike’s + Etsy : #MakeForGood

November 17, 2015

  Sometimes you meet someone and you think they are ace and you want to make a thing with them? I’m not talking about a ROMANTIC thing (although can be good too!) Rather, I’m talking about a CREATIVE thing. A collaboration. A joint project de fun. That’s what happened with Kristen of Each To Own and me! We met in Brisbane when I was invited to speak at the Brisbane Library (thanks to BrisStyle, the library and The (ace) Brisbane…

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Stuck/Sick : When Holidays Go A Bit Wrong

November 12, 2015
single fin

Aw man. Rin and I took our first mum and daughter holiday and guess what happened? a) we got stuck in Bali due to the volcanic ash and b) Rin got sick and we had to go to hospital It has been tres challenging, to say the least. Our flights have been moved 3 times, with no real sign that we’ll be able to get out via our regular airline. So last night we booked tickets with a different airline…

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Eat Pip-Life

A Day In The Mountains: Green Kitchen Bali

November 7, 2015
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Yesterday we were picked up at 7am from our villa for a day of market-visiting, rice paddy walking, vegetable picking and cooking lessons. Man. I am so glad we booked this tour. Jero picked us up and drove us two hours out of Canggu – to Klungkung (where this amazing market is) and then on to Sidemen.  I just found out today that there is a huge textile market at Klungkung (which also sounds amazing) – but we were on…

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A Bug In The System

November 7, 2015
bloody mary

Hello! Just a quick message for everyone who has been trying to enrol in my eCourses. Paypal seems to be VERY glitchy at the moment and only accepting the discount codes I posted the other day about 5% of the time. I am so sorry about that. I’ve ditched the bad seed code now. Thanks to everyone who was persevering and to those who let me know! To replace said bad seed, I’ve discounted all eCourses in the store from…

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