One + Four = Life : The Op Shop Edition

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Sometimes, when it gets to Sunday, I think to myself, ‘How can a week have zoomed by so quickly?’ Luckily, I have this little One + Four = Life game to play. It not only reminds me that it’s a good idea to stop and think about the week that was, it also reminds me that the time does indeed fly by, so it’s good to do the things you most want to do, if that makes sense.

This week I’ve been working, crocheting, writing, making toast, walking in the cold, going to friend’s book events, thinking about moving a lot, getting rid of things I don’t need and enjoying good things like the market, watching Lost and wearing cosy boots.

Here’s a little guide to today’s shots. I may have snuck a couple of extras in – scroll down to see those! Whoops.

One : Greyfriars Bobby Vintage Puffin
I am sort of, kind of, collecting vintage Puffins and vintage kids’ Penguin books. I think it is a comfort collection – reminding me of my childhood and I am toying with the idea of reading vintage kids’ Puffins & Penguins as a project for 2016. Also, that is the first time I have ever typed that year.

Two: Poncho & Jacket Pattern Book
I bought this because I like to see the poncho layout. I am a bit poncho obsessed at the moment, obviously. Also, the hat and coat and scarf are based on a granny stripe, so I like them too.

Three: Cider With Rosie
I have never read this, but I am adding it to the collection/2016 project pile.

Four: The Greengage Summer
How beautiful are greengages? My nan used to make greengage jam and I wish they were easier to get in Melbourne. Sometimes we had greengage pie, even. I bought this because it was $1.99 and also because it reminded me of who I am and also because I love Rumer Godden.

The extras
A Hornsea canister to match the ones that Kirsty bought me. If you ever see these going cheap let me know as I want to have 123 of them. A Rotex labelmaker, complete with vintage Dymo tape. I have labelled my phone ‘Pip’. Ari has labelled his phone ‘Not an iPhone’. I labelled our house ’63’ but it fell off the front door. Dang.

How about you? Do you like any of these things? Have you been op shopping lately? Are you playing One + Four = Life, too?

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  1. Greengages are a type of plum. We live in Tasmania now and they are BIG here. People love the jam. We have a tree in our orchard so I preserved ALOT of them last summer. I think they may be the same as sugar plums. If not then they are really similar. 🙂

  2. Ahhh… Hornsea heirloom pottery – I have been collecting for years and I am now banned from further purchases. I use my bowls, plates and cups every day, it should be used and never saved for best… BEST IS NOW!!

  3. Hi Pip, just letting you know that my sister has an etsy shop called Lily Pily Vintage and she has some Hornsea canisters if you’re interested. Jen x

  4. I love the canister and those label makers are my favorite! I didn’t know you had Savers there. That’s a great store and you’ve reminded me that I should pay a visit soon.

  5. I love Rumer Godden and Cider with Rosie
    Love the sound of your 2016 project… I have such fond memories of the puffin club and those books

  6. That canister is gorgeous! And I also love finding retro things at op shops!

  7. Oh my gosh, I love the demo label maker. So reminds me of my childhood! My dad had one for work and it seemed so hi-tech in the 70s. I remember labelling my school books with it.

  8. Sometimes I wonder if my op-shopping ways are a little at odds with my having too much stuff and not enough space issue but that doesn’t keep me away too long. This weekend I went to my favourite op shop and walked out empty handed, I think you have to be in the right mood or have the op shop mojo working. I loved Rumer Godden’s The Doll’s house when I was growing up. Lovely old books are such gems to find, well done you Pip. I’m really enjoying the 1+4=life, and am even contemplating making a little album down the track if I can be consistent enough 🙂

  9. I love a good op shop and am fortunate enough to have atleast 6 of them in a 2km radius of our house. I find I am a bit luckier at charity secondhand booksheds and carboot sales for the real bargains. I must admit I’ve never seen or tasted Greengage in any of its forms! Vintage Puffins and Penguins are fabulous – some of the cover illustrations are fantastic .

  10. Hi Pip! I love that Hornsea canister (if I ever see any, I’ll let you know). I don’t really know what greengages are, but I’m sure they’re delightful. I have not been op shopping lately because there are NO OP SHOPS IN CHINA. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. The Chinese like the new and the shiny, it seems, not so much the second hand. I disagree entirely! And i am indeed playing One + Four = Life, it’s forcing me take weekly photos of our year in China and I’m ever so thankful for that. x have a great week ahead please

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