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I write this from the lounge room floor, heater blaring, tea piping hot, old episodes of Project Runway on the telly. It’s Mother’s Day  (as you probably know) and I feel very lucky to have had a totally free weekend to rest up and recover from the busy preceding weeks. Phew.

Let me tell you about this week’s four snaps (the ONE and FOUR in One + Four = Life!)

School report
This is weird, but I took my Grade One school report to an event on Wednesday night. I love this report because I feel like, although I’ve grown up and learnt a lot, I still have the same character as I did way back then. I took it with me because I thought if things got a bit quiet in the Q&A, I could pull out the report and talk about the fact that very often, the things we are seeking as grown ups have a LOT to do with who were/things we loved were when we were tiny.

Tins & flowers
This shot is from a little party I had for close friends and family to celebrate my book. It was upstairs at Brunswick Bound on Sydney Road. We filled those tins up with baked things and took them to the party. We had Prosecco and Blood Orange Juice to drink and cakes to eat. It was lovely and super intimate. The perfect way to celebrate getting Craft For The Soul over the line!

A pretty bunch
Rin sent me these for Mother’s Day. I love getting flowers! So super cute of her.

A gift from some worky pals
The people I work with sent me some lovely things. I’m pretty lucky, right?!

I’ve had such a nice quiet Mother’s Day. I’m totally exhausted, truth be told, so hanging out on the couch eating soup and toast is the very best medicine for me!

How has your week been? What did you do? Are you eating soup?


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  • Samara
    May 11, 2015 at 7:08 PM

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Pip! Loved reading this post, especially just after eating Pumpkin soup (made by hubby) and cheesy toast for dinner..yum. I’m also glad you had a restful weekend after such busy times xx

  • Isabel
    May 10, 2015 at 9:25 PM

    Hi Pip! Happy Sunday night to you. That’s great that you’ve had a free weekend to rest up and eat soup.
    I’m really enjoying One + Four = Life. What a great idea!
    Love your Grade 1 report: ‘She shows a keen, sensible attitude to work and play and is a friendly, popular girl’.
    Can’t ask for much more than a keen, sensible attitude to life I don’t think. How nice that the essential things still stay the same.
    xx Isabel

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