One + Four = Life

It’s been a while since I had a stab at One + Four = Life. The idea is that you take one week and four photos and this mash-up might just tell a story about what’s going on around here.

Let’s give it a whirl and see how we go?


granny squares by pip


One: Granny Squares

I decided to make some very, very, very bright granny squares. Not sure what/who they are destined for, but I love seeing how random colours work together. Sometimes I think we can try to be too matchy-matchy and coordinated. Often random pairings look super amazing and show us unexpected delights.

I’m using up lots of odds and ends making these. I like doing that because it means I can buy more yarn as a reward for being thrifty. Or something. Do you think that makes sense? It makes sense to me.


Brontes Blanket


Two: Bronte’s blanket

You may or may not know that I looked after my friends’ cat for a few weeks a little while ago. Her name is Bronte and we are really firm friends, having worked together that time she lay on a pillow for a photo in one of my books, and just generally when she’s flicked her tail in approval/disapproval while Michelle and I were working on book ideas.

Bronte and I made these squares while her parents were in Japan and I finally got around to stitching them together and making them less about being cute squares and more about being a cute pet blanket!

Pet blankets are really an under-rated thing. I am going to make more of them, for the pets I know and love.  I’m going to give Bronte her blanket as soon as I can. It’s made from 8ply cotton yarn and is worked in Tunisian Crochet, which is really fun and looks like knitting… but it’s not… it’s crochet! Magical, right?!


snug life with books


Three: Snug Life Rug

I can not tell you how much pleasure this little rug is giving me. It’s like a chocolate-biscuit-ish, pompommed surprise, sitting next to my bed.

Every time I look at it, I get a little jolt of joy. Granted it’s not the most HIGH TRAFFIC FRIENDLY rug, but sometimes it’s nice to make cute and special things, just because they are cute and special.

If you want to make one, you can find out how here. It’s so easy.  Can you even believe it’s finger-knitted? I KNOW. A four year-old could help to make this and I am not even kidding. ANYONE with fingers can finger knit, guys.
flowering gum

Four: Found gum

The rosellas where I live are particularly hooliganish. They love to strip the flowers from the trees and usually squawk up an absolutely crazy, chaotic chorus as they do. I can’t imagine what they are saying to each other, but it’s probably something like’ Strip the tree! Strip the tree! Woooooooh!’

I like to hunt for the bits of tree and flowers that they drop, when I’m on my walk each day.

Sometimes it’s the pink ones or the reddish ones. Today it was these pretty pale yellow ones. They are off the charts on the Snugglepot-and-Cuddlepie-ometer.

How about you? What have you been up to? Are you doing some fun things? Or is life a bit tricky at the moment? If it is I am sorry to hear it. Darn it. If it’s more the fun department, then I am glad to know that too. Phew.

Thanks for reading. Thinking of you!

pip signature


Cooking: Lentil Shepherd’s Pie – goshdarned delicious
Watching: Things for the #SallyFieldAThon – having the best time
Reading: Love Nina – I LOVE THIS BOOK! SO FUNNY!





  1. Love the 1 + 4 concept. May use this to dip my toes back into blogging. Too much stuff in the real world going on. But I have found I miss it. Blogging that is, not the stress in the real world.
    Also love the granny squares… Off to look at your tutorials now. I am in the process of learning to crochet. And my son has requested a rainbow granny square blanket. I have just been doing rows of treble stitch, but feel after looking at this it is time to move on.

  2. Are there any tutorials?

    1. Meet Me At Mikes

      Hit the ‘CROCHET’ menu to see some, Emily (and thank you for reading!)

  3. Love your color combinations for granny squares. I have been crocheting a bathroom rug and it is almost ready, I should just finish the yarn ends. I would like to learn that Tunisian crocheting technique, where could I find instructions?

  4. I am making a blanket for my boy and it was meant to be finished before he moved into his bed. Looks like I missed that deadline!

  5. Those flowers are 200% Snugglepot & Cuddlepie! So beautiful.
    I love your brightly coloured squares, and agree that sometimes the unexpected or “wrong” colour combos can be the bestest.
    Do you know what Pip? I am thinking about buying a 2-cups-of-tea-at-once tea pot! I have a sweet single serve pot, and I’ve been enjoying an evening rooibos lately. I think it would be lovely to have another teapot at the ready, for when there’s a tea-for-two situation.
    Do you miss Bronte? If I was a cat, I would have a regular Pip’s Cat Hotel booking. For sure.

  6. Love those colourful grannies. How do you select your random colours for something like that? I find random soooo hard. Do you just reach into the stash with your eyes closed and use which ever colour comes out? Now thinking about that I’d probably get to know the size, shape, squishiness etc of ball and so it still wouldn’t be truely random. Oh the thoughts I have no wonder my head is tired.

    cheers Kate

  7. Hi Pip. Love the finger knitted rug. I am using my scraps to make little granny squares too .I like your pattern, where can I find it.My granny square blanket is an on going project, using all my scraps,starting another project then using those scraps. I may never finish it ????

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