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One For Me, One For You!

August 5, 2015

This week, I want you to try to tag another profile or page in EVERY SECOND update you do. If you think you can manage it in EVERY update, do that, if it seems natural and doable.

While broadcasting your own content is great – to grow your followers and influence on social media you need to broadcast others’ content and promote their profile/page too. You might find the most organic way to do this is to make every second post about someone one else – sharing that link to someone else and tagging them in the process.

Let’s call it the One For Me, One For You approach. One update/post about YOU, one about them. It seems quite difficult now to cut through on social and be noticed.  Applying this simple, balanced approach of talking about YOU, then talking about someone else can pay dividends.

But what dividends?
a) it can expose you to their audience
b) it ensures that people you admire KNOW that you admire them
c) those people are more likely to share or retweet you update
d) this means you are exposed to more potential followers who might love what you do
e) you also become a trusted ‘curator’ – and more and more people are turning to trusty sources for their reading tips
f) it creates community
g) people will think you are nice/sharing

So – this week I want you to post AT LEAST twice a day to your social platforms of choice (I post MUCH more often than that, though!) Every second post needs to be a post where you either share a link to someone else – and tag that someone else in the update – or it can be something like an edited retweet or straight post share – using the share button – on Facebook.) The idea is to promote YOU in a post, then promote SOMEONE ELSE. And repeat the pattern.

A super good variation of this is to choose two or three people/brands you admire and mention/share from them two or three times during the week. So rather than it being a one-off – promote them in earnest – build their work into your social media strategy and CONTINUE to support what they do.

If you post eight times a day – make sure that four of those posts are about others’ work. If you post four times a day – two of those posts should be about others. Your sharing others doesn’t necessarily have to be sequential – you can do TWO about YOU and TWO about THEM, for instance – but the basis of the strategy should allow for this One For Me, One For You approach.

Once you put this idea into action – keep some notes on any success you have.

Did someone THANK you?
Did someone RETWEET you?
Did someone SHARE your post?
Was the post about someone you liked particularly popular?
Could you share more of their work?

Let me know how you go with this!

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