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On My Kitchen Table

September 15, 2020
Potato Curry

Mostly I have been spending time sitting at the kitchen table these days.

It’s bright and I love working and making stuff in the heart of the house. I have an Echo Show that I boss about demanding to hear the radio or music via … and a TV with the news turned down tucked in the corner near the toaster.

A trestle against the kitchen window is loaded with different teas, recipe cards, a dozen eggs, a teapot with an orange and green cosy, my mixer and plants in various stages of propagation. Beyond that is a the side garden with two lemon trees and one orange tree. Such a leafy and fruity aspect. What more could a gal need?!

I’ve been doing lots of reading and writing and cooking and craft in the kitchen … and eating some delicious meals with Ari some evenings, too. We had stopped doing that, but we’ve started again because lockdown.

You know, I prefer the kitchen to the living room, really. The kitchen is all about the promise of cooking something up … and the living room? It’s about winding down. I’m more the cooking something up type, I suppose?

Over the last week or so, these things (and many others) have been on my kitchen table …

Potato Curry

Potato curry

I just made this curry an hour or so ago. It’s my favourite potato curry and I make it pretty regularly. I like to eat it at room temperature on hot jasmine rice or hot toast. Or in a squishy bread roll. Yum.


These are the breakfast cheese and carrot muffins I posted on social media a few days ago. I made a second batch yesterday. The recipe is here. I cooked these a little longer than usual and sprinkled them with paprika and sea salt before they went in the oven. They’re delicious!

Things I’m making

I’m a pretty terrible knitter, but am determined to improve. I’m making a Harry-Styles-cardigan-inspired-blanket, square by square using two strands of 8ply yarn to knit each square. I made some less chunky squares too, but I prefer the chunk!

I’m also crocheting an ACTUAL many-coloured cardigan. I am not a terrible crochet-er, thank goodness. So far it’s green and yellow, but purple and pink are soon to make an appearance.

Books and a tin of biscuits

My publisher very kindly sent me a copy of Christine Jackman’s book Turning Down The Noise. I saw her on TV and she seems brilliant. I am really looking forward to tucking into it.

Also? I’m up to chapter ten in The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf and am really loving it. It’s the book where Mrs Dalloway makes her first appearance and I’m marking all my favourite bits as I go.

And this morning I read a story by Katherine Mansfield called Prelude which was gorgeous and confusing and great.

Aren’t we lucky to have writers giving us the stories we didn’t know we needed to read?

(The biscuit tin is full of the coconut biscuits from the Australian Women’s Weekly yellow box of recipe cards.)

Other things that made a table-top appearance

Homemade tempura, teriyaki chicken, shopping lists, my water bottle, my camera, Aperol spritzes, crumpets, bills, magazines, wasabi, tabasco sauce, a Boston bun, many pretty plates, supermarket receipts, shopping bags and face masks.

What’s on your kitchen table, champ? And how are you managing?

x Pip


  • Reply Kim W. September 17, 2020 at 9:08 PM

    Right now it is half covered with lots of bowls of produce, the way it usually is this year. I participate in a farm-share – I don’t know if this is an international concept, but the way it works is that at the beginning of the year, you pay a farmer up front for a percentage of EVERYTHING he grows all year, and then starting in June, once a week he sets aside your cut of everything he’s picked that week. I’m part of a group farm share organized in my neighborhood (I live in Brooklyn and we’re kind of hipsters), and the farms they work with just OVERWHELM us with food, especially this time of year. Right now, I have a big bowl of nectarines and pears, two bowls of tomatoes, a big squash, and a melon all sitting on the kitchen table. (Plus even more in the fridge – including THREE DOZEN EGGS.) And I’m getting even more in a couple days!

  • Reply Annette September 17, 2020 at 1:50 PM

    Alas I don’t have a kitchen table, I think I would like that very much.
    My kitchen bench is home to my beloved coffee maker, food processor, a bowl with bananas, little apples and mandarins, and my SOLE remaining engagement gift (of which there were ever only a couple, because I hit it and quit it in the engaged stakes rather speedily!) which is a really lovely fruit bowl from Country Road, which my great aunt Adeline gave me and my mother kept hidden in a cupboard (allegedly forgotten) for TWENTY YEARS. I love that bowl.

    Also, there’s cordial, cheap soda water, salt reduced Vegemite, Milo, coffee cups and Woolworths peanut butter which is quite excellent.

    Potato curry – I will make thee!

  • Reply Kay September 16, 2020 at 3:54 PM

    My kitchen table always has my list for the day on it. I am a big list maker so there is usually a long list and several shorter ones or sticky notes too, sometimes there is a whole section of table covered under notebooks and notes for myself. There are always notes for others too, that I leave in their places, today there are ones to remind my husband to put out the bins and pay our daughter for doing our shopping an leaving it outside the house yesterday. I always have a candle too, I like to light candles with our meals. Quite often a recipe book or two, I love to try new things. Life is stressful right now, my son has tested positive for Covid-19 so we are all self isolating at home and I have extra cleaning things everywhere. Counting down the days until we are considered safe again. He is fine, asymptomatic, but was tested because ehe is a key worker and a close friend of his is ill. We would never have known otherwise. there is a lot of worry though about whether we catch it , knowing it is possibly out there somewhere is one thing, knowing it is inside your home is another. Thank you of posting, I need a little sanity right now to keep me grounded.

  • Reply Reannon September 16, 2020 at 7:55 AM

    I am also a kitchen table person. We have a big 8 seater one so there’s always room for people & stuff!
    There are always books on it, cookbooks, kids home readers, coloring books. You’ll find some school notes or notices that I forget to pin on the cork board. My homemade placemats are always there. And Milo. Sadie has a cold Milo every morning & always manages to spill some. I always forget to wipe it up until the next meal. We always have a bowl of fruit- bananas, avocados, tomatoes & lemons are filling it right now.
    As for food that’s been eaten….it’s all a bit boring to be honest. Chops & veg, our regular Thai red curry & rice, chicken meatballs in a 7 veg sauce that made some people angry because they weren’t expecting that sauce. They were expecting the usual plain old tomato sauce ( a million eye rolls emoji here!). Sunday morning pancakes that were slightly burnt. I always struggle to get the temp just right. Oh, & gozleme. I think I could easily eat gozleme for 3 days straight. I love it.
    I think I might make your potato curry later in the week. X

  • Reply Kerry Clare (@KerryReads) September 16, 2020 at 4:23 AM

    I love this. My kitchen table is my desk, and I’m sitting here now reading your blog at it, so this is very meta.

  • Reply Edie September 15, 2020 at 5:35 PM

    Well… I have a beautiful new plant gift, a driving licence renewal notice, another plant, pony’s rainbow coloured pill dispenser (they used to give them out free for HIV pills and nobody wanted them! Fancy! Because did you know (and you might do) that if you take treatment for HIV you get an undetectable viral load which means that you cant pass on HIV!!!! I know! Undetectable means Untransmitable!!! So really people should be waving around their rainbow pill boxes yes?!!! Also there are Pony’s toast crumbs! She is a toast fan! I am going to make the potato curry.. yes I am. And yes I think I am also a cooker upper rather than a lounger upper??

    • Reply Pip September 15, 2020 at 5:50 PM

      Rainbow pill dispensers sound amazing to me. And crumbs. They are everywhere, aren’t they? Reminding us about toast and cake and things … so really they are brilliant. xx

  • Reply kate September 15, 2020 at 5:20 PM

    This is such a warm fuzzy post.
    I’ve broken my ankle so I’m stuck on the couch, I never sit in my lounge room during the day, always hang in the kitchen at the table. So I’m really feeling out of sorts and not at all like myself. I have no idea what’s on the table and that’s probably a good thing because hubby and I have very different priorities. Usually my table has salt and pepper and toothpicks sitting on a very old teapot stand that was my parents, a basket of cloth serviettes and my little pile of what ever recipe book I’m currently inspired by, note book for my lists, purple pen, a book of stickers from flow magazine, the weed foragers handbook, a candle and crumbs, there are always crumbs no matter how many times I wipe. I can’t wait until I can sit back at the table.
    Cheers Kate.

    • Reply Pip September 15, 2020 at 5:24 PM

      Oh no your ankle! What a blooming bother. I am sorry to hear you are couch bound … and I agree about the crumbs. Living = crumbs!! Hoping you mend quickly, peach. x

  • Reply Lisa September 15, 2020 at 3:38 PM

    On my kitchen table, right this minute:
    A basket of unfolded washing
    Three plastic shopping bags from my trip to the supermarket just now (needed oranges, chocolate, milk, bananas and dog bones – tick)
    A bag of choccies and a bag of chips for a boy sleepover goodie stash on Friday
    Yoga block, yoga strap, sticky yoga socks and yoga towel…from earlier when I did an hour of yoga on the lounge room floor and on account of all the grunting, my partner had to shut the office door so I wasn’t broadcast on his conference call! It’s still there because I was waiting for my mat to dry from the vinegar wash.
    On the kitchen bench, a plate with two iced cakes, two pieces of apple cake and two pieces of iced weetbix slice with hundreds and thousands….ready for the hungry hoardes after school. On the hob…a big pot of creamy rice, the kind that’s sweet and cinnamon’y and extremely delicious.
    It’s my day off. I love reading your words Pip.

    • Reply Pip September 15, 2020 at 5:17 PM

      I love the sound of all this kitchen busy-ness. And I like it that your lounge room is for yoga-ing. Mine is too for a small pocket of the day … I hadn’t thought of that! The rest of the time it’s for slumping about, though. Perhaps I need to give it a refresh and make it less slumpy!

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