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Ode To The Joy Of Reading, Watching, Doing What YOU Want!

November 28, 2017
Gilmore Girls

Why do we read or watch what we do? Well. As you would know, modern marketing ensures that we’re dished up a varied array of cultural goodies to consider and consume, dependent on the seasons, carefully curated publicity schedules – and what the who’s who is getting into. 

We’re steered towards certain things at certain times for certain reasons. And those things are often great.

So that’s one of the whys.

Another is a sort of cultural bias that – for some – determines certain books or films or magazines or websites or whatever are unworthy of our time.

This kind of disapproving vibe conspires to steer us away from the things we organically like, sometimes, too.

For instance, the books we like might be dismissively labelled ‘chick lit’? Or maybe the movies we most adore are judged lightweight or gratuitous by a very Earnest reviewer?

This might influence what you are spending time on too.

You might be reaching for the edgy titles admired by the Earnest type, when you mostly want to snuggle up with something comforting that has a picture of a cat on the cover. Something featuring Hugh Grant or a pastel covered novel or a record full of jangling tambourines?


Alas, once you’re trailing after Earnest, you’re soon RARELY reading/consuming the stuff you really love and are attracted to. The cat covers are gone.

You have sort of shelved whatever your version of the Hugh/pastel/tambourines topics are too – and you’re pushing through something bewildering that Earnest found excellent. Indeed ‘everyone’ is reading that thing, tucking it showily under their arm on the tram or bringing it up in the lunch room.

In your bewildered eager-to-know-things state, you too might find yourself wearily ticking the Earnest-approved titles off like an obligatory to-do – instead of grazing on or ambling through ace new idea or story-filled things, in delight.

This feels NOT GOOD because you didn’t follow your own interests. Instead you slotted into some kind of invisible algorithm, fronted by Earnest-types, in the hope of being better and not missing out.


(watch Alike)

The weary slotting in and trying very hard to hear Earnest out is not really what doing stuff is meant to be about. Just saying.

Look further to find the things you love. Or just BRAZENLY partake in your own Hugh/pastel/tambourines. Go wild and be your ace and geeky self!

Because, let’s not forget the joy of immersing yourself in the kinda stuff that YOU are into.

Even when it diverts from what everyone else (including Earnest) is into …  and even if you think it’d be deemed low-brow or no-brow or unfashionable or weird or superficial by others! Even if it’s got a bit of Hugh Grant in it! Or a pastel cover! Or tambourines!

Never give up the delight of choosing your own adventure and following your own interests and inklings, even if they’re worlds apart from what Earnest/everyone else seems to be up to.

Here’s to the joy of reading, watching, doing what you want.

Here’s to the tambourines. Here’s to the cat covers.

x pip



  • Reply Cheryl November 30, 2017 at 5:22 AM

    Woof… Clang clang clang… Woof… Clang clang clang… YAY for “me being me” support/encouragement!!! (dog person here) You are wonderful; thank you for being you!!

  • Reply Annette November 29, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    That film is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for another great post Pip. I’m a big fan of doing your own thing, but it is easy to get swept up in what the cool kids are into. We should all happily forge our own cool kid paths.

  • Reply Genevieve November 29, 2017 at 7:42 AM

    Dear Pip,

    Your post came at exactly the right time. I was thinking of starting Project Life (a scrapbook system) and last night found myself googling to see if it was still a “done” thing anymore. Given that the popularity seemed to be in freefall I felt that I was super late to the party and it would be silly. I just needed someone to quietly point out – who cares. Much love xx

  • Reply Reannon November 28, 2017 at 9:25 PM

    Speaking of things that certain people think are trash but I loudly & proudly, I’ve been meaning to chat with you about KUWTK. Please tell me you are still watching?!
    Do you think Khloe & Kylie are pregnant? I say yes to Kylie, no to Khloe.
    Also, how bloody cute are Khloe & her new BF!
    Why do we rarely see Kendall, Kylie & Rob?
    And where has Corey gone? This weeks ep ( the bonkers Christmas one. Seriously, how great is their brand of crazy?!) was the first time I’ve seen him all season.

    • Reply Pip November 28, 2017 at 9:57 PM

      I have not watched this week, but I AM WATCHING! I think Kylie, Khloe AND Kim are all waiting on babies. I LOVE it that Khloe is so happy! AND I am NOT SURE re Kendall and Kylie, but perhaps it’s because of the (failed) spin off show? And they will be back in full force next season. Corey AND Kanye are quite absent, right? I think Kendall is not as happy to be on the show as the others – and she has her own super busy career… It’s like they have a VERY clear narrative plotted this season – with the social justice stuff etc – and everything has its place and time… INTERESTING!!!!

      • Reply Reannon November 29, 2017 at 9:28 AM

        I didn’t watch the Rob or Kylie spin off so can’t say anything about them but it just feels weird they aren’t around, especially Kylie.
        I’m wondering if Kanye isn’t around much because it was filmed when he was having a hard time? I don’t know what their filming to airing time frame is but he is very absent this season. I like seeing him on the show even though I’m not a fan.
        The social justice stuff feels VERY scripted & while I think it’s great that they are shining a light on thins that need to be seen & heard it just doesn’t feel authentic. Maybe I’m jaded….?
        I really hope Khloe is pregnant. I feel like I missed seeing Kim tell everyone on the show they are having a baby because it’s been public knowledge for a while now but I don’t remember watching anything on the show.
        Also, what about Scott? He’s a mess but I still feel bad for him. It’s horrible to see him
        In love with Kourtney but acting like a total dick. Kourtney is like a new person! So strange to see her relaxed but good too.
        Sorry for banging on but I literally have no person in my real life to talk Kardashians with & it’s harc to keep it all inside!!

  • Reply Kate November 28, 2017 at 7:54 PM

    Loved Alive oh my, isn’t that so true and alarming at the same time. I know, until very recently I had been that person just going along doing what I thought was the right thing and ignoring what really made me happy. Since I’ve been making a real effort to change those ways I too feel my colour returning.
    So many books I’ve tried to read because I thought I ‘should’, so much music I stopped listening to because it wasn’t what the cool kids were listening too, well no more. It definitely stole all my colour. I’m nearly 50 it’s time to respect myself and be me.

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