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Notes On Nice Fonts


Don’t you just love a nice font?! I really do. Fonts can maketh the blog and it’s often hard to know which ones are cute and will look good on screen. You might want to use fonts that reflect the kind of blogger you are.  Or give things a general spruce up on your blog … Or perhaps you are looking for some fresh fonts, the kind that you might not see all over the internet (I’m looking at you, my beloved FUTURA!)

As much as I adore fresh fonts, I tend to stick to a few favourites and use them sparingly. I think that more than 3 in one blog post or image can get a little bit OTT.  Don’t despair though, because this gives you the chance to pick three perfectly YOU fonts and create a bit of a brand identity for your blog.  Limiting yourself can help you focus and help to create a look your readers will come to see as your signature.

When you are mixing fonts up, try not to go too wild with the fancy ones. Choose one curly or cursive or handwritten for its prettiness and then keep the others simple and clean.  The contrast between the fancy and the functional will keep things looking schmicko! Keep colours to a minimum too.

If you’re looking for that perfect typeface, sites like DaFont and 101 Free Fonts have a ton of great wordy bits to choose from. If you’re not sure how to install a new font, they have instructions on how to do that too. Be aware that fonts take up a bit of space on your computer, so choose wisely.

It’s also good to note that some fonts won’t translate exactly if you are sharing files. I won’t tell you about the time my entire Powerpoint presentation to the Bookseller’s Association switched itself out to JOKERMAN (arguably the world’s ugliest font!)  You might have nightmares if I tell you about that! Let’s not mention it. Just know that can happen if you are using these fonts in Powerpoint. But that’s a whole other story, really…

The fonts that I’ve curated for you can be used within all kinds of software, but I’m thinking as a blogger you’ll use them to create cute graphics using Photoshop or the like. If you’re not sure about Photoshop, you should check it out. Adobe has a monthly subscription PLUS a ton of free tutorials so you can TEACH yourself the bits you want to know. YouTube and your local adult education institution can help too!  Photoshop is a good blogger’s tool!

Here’s some favourite fonts for bloggers for you to try. You can download these at DaFont. Let me know how you go and tell me:



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