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Notes From ProBlogger: Lucy from The Design Files

September 8, 2014



I love Lucy. (See what I did there?!)

I love it that she’s a long-serving blogger, that she’s super hard working, that she’s grown her tiny blog into a HUGE blog, that she profiles amazing people, things and places. That she has from her own cleverness and canny eye created something that many Australians love to wake up with every day.

Lucy’s session at PBEvent was all about how she runs advertising on her blog and what it’s like to be the boss of The Design Files.

Here’s some of the most interesting takeaways (and my notes up there!)

1. Reader experience is paramount, even if your blog is commercial, make sure that you put your reader first.
2. Take your time finding your voice and style, gathering your readers before you start seeking sponsors or advertisers.
3. Know that you DO work for your advertisers – Lucy spends half her time on content and half her time on ad relationships
4. Care about your advertisers too – choose them appropriately and do all you can to make the ads work for them (and you/your readers)
5. Provide lots of value for both readers and sponsors – be professional and make it a collaboration, not a dictatorship.
6. Ads can be really simple – you don’t have to be part of an ad network, just set it up yourself and keep things simple.
7. Hiring help not only means you get more done – you have to be more accountable and professional.
8. Find out who your readers are – reader surveys are a great way to gather info about your readers which you can then share with potential sponsors.
9. Develop an editorial calendar with room for sponsors/collaborative campaign style posts – perhaps a sponsor wants to fund your version of Tasty Tuesday?!
10. Keep it real – make sure that any commercial steps make sense to you and feel right for your blog and readers.

Are you a The Design Files reader?


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