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Nice Stuff For Good People #002

This is sort of like window shopping on the internet, really and I’m all for it. In fact, the internet sort of wrecked window shopping didn’t it? We used to go for a stroll and peek into shop windows for fun. And now we mostly click and swipe and scroll instead. Sigh.


Here is Nice Stuff For Good People #002

1/ Sophie’s got a brilliant new book out and it looks like just the sort of thing for me! I am going to snaffle a copy for myself.

A Basket by the Door by Sophie Hansen

2/ I would very much like a pair of these Hobes boots for gadding about it. They are feather light – or near to – apparently and I like how tough and practical they look.

Hobes Chelsea boot

3/ I also fancy these for keeping by the back door and trudging out to the compost bin in. It’s always so squelchy out there.

Short Hunter wellies

4/ My high school bestie has launched a range of ethically made black dresses, in case you are the sort of person who likes to build their cute look from a trusty, carefully-made base. They’re made in Melbourne and are the perfect stylish building blocks for snazzy looks.

Yvonne Adele Little Black Dress

5/ A monkey cocktail shaker seems like the best sort to me. Look at him. He looks like he really wants to be shaken up with something fortifying in his tummy, doesn’t he?! He’s a bit bored just sitting there like this. He probably even knows what drinks to make.

Monkey Cocktail Shaker

6/ I was going to recommend Hey Tiger Chocolate because I found it in my local supermarket (Boccaccio) and then I realised that had sent me a few bars and I had forgotten to open the box because I was really sick when it arrived and I just sort of tucked it away. So let me say this is a sort of brilliant coincidence and that I am very glad they sent me chocolate, but would have written about it regardless. The packaging is JUST SO NICE and it tastes JUST AS GOOD and it’s ETHICAL too! So please note that they sent me some. 🙂 Because they are ace.


Hey Tiger chocolate

7/ These knives are nice, aren’t they? I like the olive wood handles a lot and they look like they’d be very nice to use.  I love buying kitchen things. Kitchen things and books are my jam. I just bought a new microplane, in fact. These knives are a bit of a fantasy purchase, but maybe you are rich and if so grab some.

Oliva Elite knives

8/ More tigers, this time in the form of very fierce and fantastic cushions. These are excellent and I could not love them more. Adorably menacing.

Tiger cushions

9/ I have wanted an Emma Bridgewater mug for so long . How good that she has an Australian stockist now!

Emma B heart mug

10/ This is my dream pot, really. Look how sunny it is!! It also comes in pink and lavender!

Dream pot


11/ These dog collars are so gorgeous and velvety. I think I will buy one for Bean. Very luxe and sweet, methinks. A good combo.

Velvet Dog Collar

12/ This dress is lovely but also out of my budget. It’s nice to be inspired by things though. Even if you can’t have them. That’s okay. It’s like a piece of art, really. We can’t all buy the art we want, but we can definitely notice the bits we love about it. (Fluffy bits, coloured trim, colour, high neckline, foofy sleeves, swirly skirt, embroidery galore!)

Figue Dress

13/ This book is on my Wishlist. Food52’s genius recipes are always brilliant. Who wants a recipe that doesn’t work? Not me. These ones are tried and tested by zillions.

Food 52 Genius recipes


I hope that was fun to scroll through, champs. I will be back very soon with more chatty bits and pieces. It got nearly-dark while I was writing this so I’m going to get a glass of wine and put some lights on.

Love to you. Thank you so much for reading. I am lucky to have you.

xx you pal, Pip


  • Reannon
    June 17, 2019 at 8:59 PM

    I got Sophie’s book for my birthday this year & can say yes, you will love it!! Do you know I actually found about Sophie back when you were writing for Just B & she cane on board. God that was a bloody good website!

  • Kate Nancarrow
    June 17, 2019 at 7:06 PM

    You are a magician. Talk about fingers on pulses. In both senses! Cooking and synchronistically. Super-champ, you are.

  • Yvonne Adele
    June 17, 2019 at 5:42 PM

    Hey Pips! Thank you to the moon and back for mentioning / featuring my just-launched dress range! You are a doll. A kewpie doll or maybe one of those sweet dolls on the Babyology insta story! You rule & rock all at the same time. I promise not to post any pics of us aged 15 at the local pool.

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