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Nice Stuff For Good People #001

June 5, 2019
Nice stuff

And look, who am I to judge, maybe these things are for bad people too …

Thing 1: A fancy brass watering can

I spotted this on Design Mom yesterday and I like it very, very much. My living room is mostly gold, brass, brown and wooden things with quite a few leafy green plant friends. And some velvety things too. This guy would fit in just great.

Brass Watering Can

Thing 2: Amber hurricane lamps

I love these amber-coloured ones in particular. What a golden glow they would make across the dinner table. Perfect for making everyone look EVEN PRETTIER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE.

West Elm Hurricane Lamp

Thing 3: A cosy cord frock

This corduroy dress from Obus is a lot like one I had when I was a little girl. Could not love it more. Also pockets. (Also neck is not long like this lovely girl but armadillos are as nice as giraffes, aren’t they? Turtlenecks for all!)

Obus Stillness Dress

Thing 4: An orange portable BBQ

Mostly I like this because a) it looks like it will get VERY hot which is brilliant in my book and b) it’s orange and cute. I would like it even if Heston didn’t make it to be honest. It’s about the design more than the Heston for me.

Heston Everdure BBQ

Thing 5: A Gluggle Jug

This jug apparently makes a very joyful noise when it pours and were presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1958. Honestly I am just heavily into the idea of a fish pouring my water and the rest is SUCH a bonus!

Gluggle Jug

Thing 6: Cheerful shoes

I wear Converse sneakers most of the time these days. They are just super comfy and durable … and remind me of the 90’s and co-running my cafe. These yellow Cons have a bonus frill as well as being yellow. What could be more cheery than that?

Converse Melon Baller shoes

Thing 7: A flow-y dress

This is just super pretty and I’m a sucker for a comfy dress.

Mina dress

Thing 8: A tomato-ish bag

I used to carry a big bag but now I like the jaunty ease of a smaller one. This is a goodie, I reckon. A brilliant colour and a nice size too.

Saddle bag

Thing 9: Cecil the crocodile

No explanation needed. Just LOOK AT HIM.


10. A bird print

Snort. A cheeky one to pop on your wall and prompt surprise sniggers from your guests.

bird print

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