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Gemma and I went along to NeedleWork NeedlePlay yesterday. It was everything we thought it would be given the STELLAR craftspeople and artists involved… and more!  I loved everything about it.  Emma, Evie, CatRabbit obviously stitched their hearts out (with amazing-great results), as did the other great people who are involved..  It’s very hard not to TOUCH the works. They are so bumpy and colourful and stitchy and gorgeous!  
Gem loved it too.
After that we went to Vegie Bar (hello Jess!) for lunch and a bit chat about life, the universe and every/anything.  It’s super important to have lunch with friends, you know. And it’s super important to see shows like this which make you feel inspired and itching to stitch or draw or at the very least, write about stitching or drawing or itching!
Go see it, if you can!

xx Pip

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