My I Spy: Something Beginning With ‘C’

Take a look at the #MyISpy tag on Instagram and start playing whenever you like.  More about My I Spy here. This week it’s a vintage homewares / books kind of thing.


c is for arthur c clarke


C is for Clarke. Arthur C Clarke.

When I was growing up, my older brother was pretty much obsessed with science fiction. This meant that I had to not be obsessed with science fiction. As much as I loved my brother, I wanted to be sure I was DIFFERENT to him, in a way that sibling often do.

As he lined his shelves with sci-fi, I was lining mine with Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams Romance and the odd book about horses. A bit of Bronte too, even.

NOW that I’m a bit more grown-up, whenever I see one of these titles, I snaffle it. Just in case my kids are a bit like my older brother. Maybe I might even read some of these, one day. You just never know.

I picked these up on Smith Street the other day.



c is for cards


C is for Cards

Do you ever play cards? I hardly ever do. Sometimes, if we are camping, we might play a few rounds of Gin, but that’s really about the size of it. I wonder if the internet has stopped people playing parlour games like this? It seems kinda sad, doesn’t it?

At Christmas time, when I was a child, you used to be able to buy Christmas baubles filled with orange TicTacs. I guess this probably seems like a gross advertising ruse, but back then we LOVED THEM. They were round like a Pokeball, with a shiny half and a clear plastic half. We split them open and emptied out all the TicTacs (there were HEAPS) from each bauble, divided them up and used the TicTacs as POKER CHIPS.

We were poker loving kids and we played to snack. It was actually the best. Now, every time I think about playing cards, I think of orange TicTacs. Those were the days, my friends. 🙂

I picked these up in East Kew.


c is for chicken feathers c is for chicken today


C is for ‘Chicken today, feathers tomorrow’

Sorry vegans. Apologies vegetarians. This trivet-type-thing is made in Japan and I really love it. It was $1.

I particularly love it that the fox is wearing a tail warmer. If I was a fox I would do that too. (There was a fox in our front yard a few weeks ago, by the way..!)

I found this in Kew, too.


c is for coasters a la ken done
ken done coaster birds


C is for Coasters

Coasters, eh? We are not the coaster type, but recently I have been snapping them up because I like the cute ritual of using them.

I could not care less if you burned a picture of the Virgin Mary into my table top with your coffee cup. Not at all. It’s not because I’m keen to keep my furniture perfect.

Rather, these coasters are like mini-works-of-art to admire each time you lift your mug or glass. Yes. It’s a bonus little cuppa-time show that this is about.

I got these in Balwyn.


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    August 31, 2016 at 7:06 PM

    Love this one. No don’t play cards, I grew up as an only child (big age gap, bonus baby) so I only played solitaire.
    I also don’t give a hoot about marks on the table, actually I love to look along my table and see the writing from when the kids were small and pressed really hard, we also have a large patch where the nail polish remover got spilled, but that’s a story for another day, but I do love some of those old coasters.
    That fox, what can I say it’s awesome.

  • Reply
    Leslie Brown
    August 31, 2016 at 6:01 PM

    Hey Pip….OMG I remember those Christmas baubles with tic tacs in them…..thinking of them makes my Christmas senses tingle! Take care xo

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