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Are you playing My I Spy?

You can start any time you like, go at your own pace AND do it online or offline in a journal or the like. My friend Jenny from Dos Family is playing too. And maybe some other people on Instagram – check the #MyISpy tag and play along, if you would like! I think 4 people are playing at the moment, but I’m okay with that.  More about My I Spy here.

I’m spying ‘B’ today.




B is for Bag

I’ve been making bags. This is the prototype of a granny square bag. It’s called the Granny Pompom Tote.

I made it on Friday night when Ari was out at a party. When you have teenagers, you think that things get easier, but actually you have to stay up half the night so you can pick them up from their cool party in the inner north in the wee hours.

Still. I think it’s good to be the mum that will drive across town to get your kid with a sleep smile on your face. I mean, you want your kid to have all the fun times, but you also want to be there to keep them safe. These wee hour runs are a good way to do that.

PLUS you get to stay up and binge watch shows and drink tea for half the night. So that is just a win-win-win-win on all counts.




B is for Blanket

This is the blanket I am making for my friend Bek’s baby boy, Frankie. When I was halfway through, I realised that I subconsciously chose BUDGIE colours for the blanket. THUS it’s called The Budgie Snuggler.

The pattern is this one and it’s actually not as tricky as it looks.

I’ve finished this now, as you might be able to see… I just need to SUPER finish it by snipping all those ends. Then I can send it to Bek and she can ask Frankie if he likes it.

Making blankets for babies is one of the funnest things you can do, by the way. Not only are blankets fun to make, babies are little beacons of optimism, so you get a really nice cocktail of good feels there. I totally recommend it.




B is for Book Ends

I bought these at the Op Shop on the weekend and have not had a chance to clean and de-sticker them. It’s actually National Op Shop Week this week, in case you didn’t know. Obviously I have been an op shop lover for many years. I am doing National Op Shop Life.

I know a lot of the op shop staff and in fact there is one op shop I have been going to since I was pregnant. With Rin. So that is nearly 29 years of custom! I am hoping that next year, they might give me a special sash or something… You just never know.

But back to the book ends. I have called them The Struggle Is Real book ends because I have to be punny AND these little clowns are working MIGHTY hard to prop the books up. I mean, even if you hated clowns, you would have to feel a bit sorry for these guys. I’m thinking I will just put ONE book between these, when I stand them up and use them properly… I’m the ‘every child gets a prize’ type of person, as you can tell. Sorry. #TiredClownsAreTired




B is for Book

This is a page spread from a book I got at the op shop last week. It’s a book by my great-grandfather, Frank Boreham, so I was really excited to spy it on the shelf. I have a few of his books, but not many.

This book is called Rubble and Roseleaves. It’s full of Frank’s usual musing on life and I can’t help but think that if he was around now, he’d have a super busy blog. He’s a prolific, observational kind of guy…


Let me know if you play along too!!!

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  1. That is so cool about finding your great grandfather’s book. Amazing how things can pop into our lives with a little magic attached.

  2. You have your great grandfather’s sense and sensibilities Pip, for realsies!! What a fabulous legacy.
    I think he was predicting blogs as a kind of photo asylum, don’t you??

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