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My friends have their own chocolate bars

May 12, 2016

michelle mackintosh chocolate molly dyson chocolate molly n michelle


My friends Molly and Michelle have their very own chocolate bars!!!

Look at those words. Can you even believe it?!

I found out about this marvellous turn of events at the launch of Care Packages last night.

The launch party was at a really ace shop called The Boroughs (which, I must say, is brimful of things I want and is run by a gent called Alasdair – a gent I have not seen since I had a cafe 22 years-ago, or thereabouts! When you get older, this can happen to you. Maybe you will bump into someone you knew 22 years ago some day? It is quite a bracing-yet-great experience.)

But back to the shop and the chocolate.

These chocolate bars are an art-and-pals-meets-sugar collaboration with The Boroughs neighbour, Monsieur Truffe (who also make my favourite croissants!) The packaging is designed by  Ruby MacKinnon.

I think they are such a CUTE AND CLEVER idea! Luckily Cam bought me one of each kind… because I forced him to do that. #Bully

You can snap your very own bar up at The Boroughs (and take a real-life peek at their beautifully crafted Care Packages window!) or you could even buy one or five online!! Or you could find someone nice and force them to buy you one. That would work too.

Yours chocolatey-y,

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(Head over to my Instagram to follow them all on Insta too! In case you are not already doing that!)


molly chocolate


I love this little girl so much…
If you want to know some facts about sloths, you should watch this:


  • Reply Collette May 13, 2016 at 9:46 PM

    Those choices look so lovely. On your unrelated, my daughter who is 9 came home from school today so excited about her school project and asked me to guess which animal she was doing her project on. I thought I named every animal I could think of – but it was Sloth. How ace is that?! She’ll love this clip I think. ????

  • Reply Gemma May 13, 2016 at 6:11 AM

    A MA ZING!!


  • Reply Jonathan May 13, 2016 at 2:43 AM

    Wow, they look amazing. Made my day!

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