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I like my house, but I am kind of busy and it’s kind of busy too. It’s doing lots of things and saying lots of things.  I am dreaming of a neater, less busy house. I don’t know if I have it  in me, though….

I hardly slept last night. Cam had a tooth pulled out and he was a bear with a sore head… in a LOT of pain. I slept on the couch, in an attempt to avoid the bear. Now I am exhausted.

Offspring is shooting in our laneway today. Cam took the dogs for a walk and there was Asher Keddie getting her make-up done. It’s for a scene at Radio Bar.  I don’t know what she was wearing… I will try to find out and report back, so you can keep your eye out when it starts airing.  I could pretend to be getting a toasted sandwich and take a peek, right?

Ari and I have been doing lots of walks together. It’s super nice. I really like hanging out with my kids. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I had a part in their existence. I mean, they are such nice people!

I’m going to have a quiet weekend. Do some nice things and gather up happy moments.

What are you doing?

Have you any bears or happy moments or nice people to tell me about?

xx Pip

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