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Morning Exercise Two: Part One

January 24, 2016

Start with a feeling/personal experience/true-to-you idea.
Choose ONE thing from one of your lists

For instance – if my list was – ten things you care deeply about – I might choose this from my list – ‘develop a deeper understanding of Australia’s indigenous history and people.’

I’d have a think about that – think about why I want to do this, what’s so important about it to me, what my connection to this topic is…

Then I’d get started – from my OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

‘Our town had one high school. I lived in the far north-west of WA and our school brimmed with over 1200 students. The boxy classrooms were filled with noisy teenagers. Out the back were some demountables which were used only for aboriginal kids. The divide was uncomfortable.

I didn’t really know why there were separate classrooms for those kids. Nobody really talked about it. When I headed past them to go to the typing room or across to the oval, I felt the stares of the demountable kids. I felt really different and small when I walked by. A bit anxious, if I’m totally honest.

My mum’s friends rolled their eyes when they talked about aboriginal people. I was well aware that there were tensions, but I had no idea why. I wished I could find out.’

Get the words down first. Write write write. Just like I did.

Some tips :
  • Do use your own experience.
  • Do tell your story, from your heart.
  • Do dig deep.
  • Do tell the truth.
  • Do use dialogue, if you are fancy like that.
  • Do stop, think, write, write, stop, remember, write.
  • TRY to get JUST how you feel onto the page or screen in as few words as possible.

Personalise – tell a story, rather than just documenting an experience – take us there  – talk about YOUR feelings, your view, your perspective!

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