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MOOD? Blanket-y.



Brr. Last night I went out for dinner and when I was walking to the tram, on my way home the night air was so, so cold. Each time I took a breath it made me cough. It must have been 4 degrees, I swear!

THEN, when I was on the tram, the dip my friend gave me leaked all over my shopping bag and the crackers she gave me and the cheese she gave me too. Everything covered in dip leak. Ugh.

THEN, the tram driver didn’t stop at my stop, zooming right past it at high-tram-rock-and-rolling speed.  I later considered that he might have needed to pee really badly, hence the stop-miss, but really, who knows? What I do know is that I had to walk back from the next stop and it was really, really cold. (Did I say that already?)

THEN, I got home and there was a glass of wine waiting for me AND a snack AND Ari talked to me as he lay on the couch in my cosy little workroom, possibly for a FULL half an hour as I tapped away on the computer and de-chattered my teeth.

Somehow home undoes the frosty things that go on out in the world, right?

Obviously what I needed, when I was out to dinner and commuting home, was one of these cosy blankets from Ohhio. They are the arm-knitted brainchild of the clever and craft Anna Mo (she’s from the Ukraine, don’t you know?!)

I can not think of anything I would rather cosy down or night-on-the-town in. Well…

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PS: Anna also has supplies like HUGE knitting needles and MEGA chunky yarn if you are super inspired by her work!


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    Donna Bridges
    June 2, 2016 at 4:29 PM

    Believe it or not I’m bringing my little ones to Ballarat because we hope it will snow in July . Fingers crossed it would make things so magical , well that and their first ride in an aeroplane. I thought an hour in a plane then a hour and half by bus or 9 plus hours by road ……..let’s fly! Catching up with friend seeing Lake Wendouree botanical garden and going to Soveriegn(?) Hill . Last year I took them on the Pichi Richi Railway IF you ever consider SA as a holiday a stay out at Pichi Richi Park is so relaxing . We went in July too and it nearly snowed but not quite so this year hopefully we will get to see snow.

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