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Accompanied by embarrassing vintage family Christmas photo. Those Cadbury Milk Trays were our very FAVOURITE gift. We each got one every year from our Uncle Ken.  We’re standing on his front steps in this photo, probably after a big turkey lunch.  We would have previously played the pianola maniacally and picked up and turned over about 27 different ornaments in his front room, being careful to smooth the doilies back into place afterwards. We particularly liked the toy wind-up drunk with the little bottle of booze… I think it was whisky? Whatever it was, his nose lit up and glowed a lovely shade of red.

Here are some things to look at, in case the internet is a bit quiet for you!

Make a Gin Sparkler? Yum.
How to overcome procrastination, money problems, self-doubt and more!
Search by colour! That’s really cool. Via DesignMom.
Look at this cool kaleidoscope app…
The top 20 insights, talks and quotes about making ideas HAPPEN!
Feeling guilty about holiday eating? Don’t. And read this.

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