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November 10, 2020

Good morning, champs.

It’s been so long since I just wrote a chatty missive to you … way too long, in my opinion.

I’m sitting in my kitchen, listening to the doves cooing from their nest outside the window. The news is on the TV with the volume turned low. The pets are snuggled up preparing themselves for another warm day. The boys (Max moved back in after 3 years out of home!) are sleeping and I was just smoothing eye cream under my tired eyes, trying to make myself look slightly human for a 10am coffee catch-up with Yvonne.

It’s been such a slog of a year, hasn’t it? In Melbourne it’s been particularly tricky because of our (excellent) lockdown strategies. The staying in and mask-wearing and geographical travel limits and hygiene habits and curfews have all lead us to just clocking up 11 consecutive days of no COVID cases and no COVID deaths. Totally worth all the difficulty to get the virus under control (for now) and save lives.

I’ve been cooking a bunch of stuff because the household just got bigger. Things like potato curry, Dahl, ikan bilis, bbq chicken, sausages and mash … I guess you could say it’s homey family food, revisiting all the things that Max likes to eat and has missed out on while living out of home. I’m liking this trip down memory lane a LOT.

Rin (who is my eldest, in case you are new here) has been able to visit more now that the restrictions have eased, so she’s been helping me sort out the house and we had a sneaky laksa date on Sunday at Ampang Tofu – the first time in a restaurant for me since March. It was so nice, but so weird to sit in a room with maskless strangers. It makes me nervous … but I was also glad of having a bit of normalcy again. And glad to have a bowl of spicy noodles with golden treats floating in it. VERY glad.

I’ve had a three month study break, which has been excellent, but I’m ready to get back to it now. My next unit starts at the end of this month – Writing For Children – and I’m so excited to return to the discipline of reading and writing and learning again. (I’m doing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing online via Curtin University, in case that sounds interesting to you too!)

While lots of people have found the pandemic impetus for getting fit, I – sadly – have not. The usual pesky asthma and bronchitis dotted the year, but I have tried my best in between those bouts. It’s so hard to manage fitness when you have a health challenge, isn’t it? I will keep trying though with walks and yoga and at-home workouts.

I am not sure what I will make for dinner tonight … perhaps something simple after the smorgasbord efforts of the last week or so? Do you know what I really fancy? Orrechiette with a fresh, raw tomato sauce and lots of basil. I think Ari hates that though. Perhaps I will make it anyway and see what happens?! Or I might do spicy Korean-ish chicken with tofu and a big bowl of stir fried greens. He likes that. That might be better.

And speaking of tomatoes, I bought a bunch of seeds and they are springing up into seedlings and hopefully set to sprout a bounty of fruit this summer. I will keep you posted. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed for a tomato avalanche! I bought lots of unusual varieties from The Seed Collection this year. Can not wait to see how they all grow and taste.

It’s 9 now and I need to get dressed and try and make myself not look so scary. So I best do that. I hope you have a brilliant day … or actually, even an okay day. An okay day is just fine during these strange days, isn’t it?

Love to you!!!

your pal,


Image – and recipe – via/at: Leite’s Culinaria


  • Reply Donna Bridges November 13, 2020 at 9:01 PM

    I told you they return! Isn’t it the best ? Now they can impress you with their cooking once or twice a week . ( if you’re like me and not a kitchen sharer, I like my routine) . I’m liking the simpler life that seems to have emerged since people have stayed home . The back to basics that seems to have happened I hope it continues. Life this past year has been trying , sad and also there’s been lovely gems . Like my Grandson’s first “I love you Granny “. I have hope that we humans will be kinder , wiser and more beings than doings . Thanks for your chats I do love them , it’s like tea with a friend .

  • Reply kate November 10, 2020 at 12:48 PM

    My favourite sort of catch up, just general life stuff.
    I think okay days are just fine anytime. I’m all about okay, average, good enough and contentment, it feels like way less pressure on myself when I use those words.
    Hope your catch up was lovely.
    Cheers Kate

  • Reply Emily November 10, 2020 at 9:35 AM

    I feel like we’ve just had a cuppa and caught up! Funny how blogs make you feel like you are friends with strangers very far away ? I love finding out other people are enjoying the smaller things like cooking dinners too.
    I have just started uni again yesterday and it feels comforting knowing that someone else is online (funnily enough, I’m over here in WA where Curtin is and you are over there where Deakin is for me!). Last time I did uni (16 years ago on campus at Curtin) it all seemed much simpler. I do miss sitting around after lectures drinking coffee and having deep discussions.
    Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing some life ‘chats’.

  • Reply Reannon November 10, 2020 at 9:17 AM

    I do love a chatty missive!

    And I wonder if you are like me & feel quite content having your big kids at home? My biggest is talking about moving out next year ( if they can find anything to rent!) & while I love the idea of him going off to do the adult thing I know I’ll miss him & that feeling I get when all my kids are in bed under my roof….

    I am just starting my big uni break. I am LOVING it! I’m still unsure if uni life is for me so I am really enjoying having free nights & weekends.

    Enjoy your catch up with Yvonne!! X

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