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:: Mary Meets Mohammad

Mary Meets Mohammed

My friend Gina tipped me off about this film. Gina’s in the same Gaining Health group as me. (We sort of made that term up, because we are all about eating the best we can, moving as much as possible and looking after our mental health too. Also we are about being rad ladies and encouraging other women to do good stuff!)

Anyway, we all had dinner last Tuesday night and Gina told me about this documentary:

Mary Meets Mohammed was filmed in my home state of Tasmania and focuses on the locals’ reaction to the State’s first detention centre for asylum seekers. You must watch the trailer. We don’t often get such an intimate view into both sides of this important issue, let alone one centred on the exchange of woolly beanies…

Thanks Gina. I’m bringing my tissues when I see the full story, for sure.

Click here to find out how you can get involved.

x Pip

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