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Make THIS: Finger knit a Snug Life rug

June 23, 2016

snug life bedside rug

:: This project is sponsored by Spotlight :: 



You know, the moment after your feet leave your slippers, but pre-under-blanket snuggle is an important one. Hence, I’ve hatched this easy-to-make bedside rug! Not only does it take just a few hours in front of Outlander/Game of Thrones to complete, it a welcome home for tootsies at the snoozier end of the day.

Also… when you get up in the morning, and your feet hit the floor, they will really be glad to hit this little project rather than scratchy carpet or chilly floorboards, don’t you think? I think yes.

I used my favourite finger knitting yarn – Lion Brand Heartland Thick and Quick – thanks to Spotlight. I wouldn’t normally choose a natural toned yarn like this, but they sent me this rust/brown colour and I think it looks like a giant chocolate biscuit, which is a very good thing! (You could make a finger knitted Oreo using this basic theory, don’t you think?!)

This colour is called : Yosemite. I think it could also be called ‘Gimme Cookie’.



snug life bedside rug 2


Make a Snug Life bedside rug

If you make this you will need the following cosy things.

7 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick Yarn in your chosen colour (or similar)
a very large eyed yarn needle
a lazy weekend
some biscuits
a nice pot of tea


lion brand yarn heartland


Using TWO strands (i.e. two skeins) of yarn at a time, finger knit the entire length of yarn for both skeins. Here is how:

Do this 3 times – finger knitting two skeins at once  – to create a long knitted length. THREE TIMES!
You will end up with THREE long ‘snakes’ of knitted yarn (and one spare ball.)

make three snakes


Find a clear and clean spot on the floor and coil two of the yarn ‘snakes’ together (just coil one, then the other) matching the ends and keeping the coil neat and flat.
coil neatly like socoil coil coil


Now thread your yarn needle up with a long length of matching yarn (70cm or so will do) and begin gently stitching through the coils to secure them. Don’t pull to hard or you’ll get a wonky shape. Make sure you stitch through the centre of each yarn ‘snake’ so that your stitches are invisible. This will take some time, so put a movie on and make a party of it.
Check your work as you go – gently lifting the rug-to-be to see that it’s all getting nicely stitched together.
I did a kind of criss-cross type pattern through the middle of my snakey lengths.
stitch into place


Once you’ve stitched the first two snakes into a coil securely, wind the final snake around the coiled rug-to-be.
Stitch that into place too, again taking your time and being careful to hide your stitches, secure it all and not pull your coil in at the edges. This final snake is an opportunity to neaten up any slightly wobbly edges, so take it slowly and surely.


stitch third snake into place


Fasten off each yarn length you use for stitching securely with a firm knot or two, and a bit of extra tail to weave in and hide.

Then use your yarn needle to weave the loose yarn tails into the work.


weave in ends


Snip any rogue ends – flip your rug over (the other side is usually neater!)
Add pompoms or use as-is!


flip it over


Note: Obviously this rug is not going to stand up to high traffic, but it’s a cosy-cute Winter accessory and would be perfect for post-slipper use!

How about YOU?! Do you need to have cosier toes? Are you ready for some finger-knitted-snug-life?!


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snug life rug




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  • Reply Janelle | Rosery Apparel June 26, 2016 at 8:39 AM

    Love this idea! The pom poms make it extra cute. Will have to give this a go for myself!

    Janelle x

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    My feet are begging me for this… BEGGING!!!! Love it xx

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