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December 13, 2009

These take only about 5 minutes each to make! Hurrah!

You will need :
Yarn : white and red are good – or green – one skein of each is fine – regular old 8ply or 4ply or whatever you can find!
Crochet Hook : I used a 3.5mm hook – you can use up to a 5mm hook, I think!
Chenille Needle : or other big, fat needle to sew in stray ends



Crocheted Christmas Hearts
Chain 5
Triple Treble 1 into the very first chain (furthest from the hook)
All the following stitches are made into this very first chain
Double Treble 2 into first chain stitch
Treble 3 into first chain stitch
Chain 1 – to begin to form the point of the heart
Double Treble 1 into first chain stitch
Chain 1 – now you’re making the second half of the heart
Treble 3 into first chain stitch
Double Treble 2 into first chain stitch
Triple Treble 2 into first chain stitch
Chain 2
Slip Stitch into first chain stitch (which is now large-ish hole in the centre of your heart.)
Pull your yarn nice and tight to finish the heart.
Continue on chaining up 25 to form the loop/hanger.
Slip stitch into the second of these 25 to close the loop!
Fasten off and sew in ends.



Variations :

Make Heart Bunting : continue crocheting around 25 chain stitches and the starting a new heart on this chain
Make A Brooch : sew a brooch back onto the heart!
Make A Keyring :: buy the fitting from your local craft store!
Make Napkin Rings :: for your Christmas table!




Crochet Notes For These Projects ::
1. Crochet stitches are in Australian/UK Terminology :: Guide to stitches and converting to US terminology here
2. Sew your loose ends in with a big, fat chenille needle and then trim neatly :: youtube has videos to show you how
THIS video shows how to do UK Triple Treble.
THIS video shows how to do UK Double Treble.
I am using the UK/Australian Crochet Terms :: NOT the US Crochet Terms.
You can make our cute Christmas embroidery here or you could make our Where The Wild Things Are Christmas Stocking here! And there are lots of other things to make here!
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