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May 5, 2010

This is what Ari had for dinner at Chez Bongoqueen tonight!  He liked it so much we wired for the recipe!  Here it is, courtesy of the adorable-yet-saucy Anita…  Ari said it was DELICIOUS. Lulu said ‘It had butter beans!’.

3 tins of butter beans
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1/2 jar readymade pasta sauce or somesuch. I also added some left over salsa we had in the fridge
3 cloves garlic
decent shake of smokey paprika
2 curry leaves
couple of shakes of italianey herbs
squirt BBQ sauce
decent splosh of tabasco
a large squirtful of soy sauce
two pinches of sugar
two rashers of vegetarian bacon, chopped (but not pre-fried, I let it stew with the rest)
And normally I put in some onion too, but we were out.
Fry the garlic and herbs up, add the rest when they’re done. Stew for a while and let everything hang out and become used to the other bits. Slop onto some rice. Top with lots of shredded tasty cheese. (And jalapenos for the grown ups)

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