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Love is Love pin by My Bearded Pigeon

Today is the day Australia’s (insensitive, backward and ill-conceived) Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote result will be announced. In around three hour’s time.

I’ve voiced my support for those directly affected by the vote pretty loudly across social media – where most people who read here follow me – but just wanted to pop in here and set that support in type on my blog, too.

I don’t know what will happen today, but I am sorry it’s happened this way. That said, I’m sure many of us are hoping a YES result will finally set the wheels in motion for what should be a no-brainer simple human right – the right to choose to marry the person you love.

To the good people directly impacted by the same sex marriage postal vote – thinking of you, on your side, sorry I had to vote on your lives when I can’t even manage my own very well, you are rad, shame on our government for putting you through this. 

Love is love.

Let’s get on with it and let people who want to marry get married, for goodness sake.

x Pip

PS: Love is Love pin featured above is by My Bearded Pigeon and costs $12.95 – with a portion of the profits going to youth LGBTIQ+ support and advocacy organisation Twenty10.

“We decided to donate $5 from the sale of every pin to Twenty10, an organisation that offers support for young LGBTIQ+ people. We are painfully aware that homophobia will not end when we have marriage equality so this is out message for the YES campaign and beyond! We have raised over $12K so far!!” – Cath from My Bearded Pigeon


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    November 15, 2017 at 7:36 PM

    I think the only good thing about having the postal vote is that there can now be no doubt that the majority of Australians support marriage equality. There can be no claims that there is a ‘silent majority’ who oppose a change to the law. For me, that is the silver lining.

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    November 15, 2017 at 5:14 PM

    A resounding YES from those who voted! It’s rubbish that we are even discussing this in 2017, just let everyone marry already! But I hope knowing that the majority support them is of some small comfort to LGBTIQ community. I am hoping that my littlest kids grow up in a country where they wont even remember a time when there some people didn’t have the right to marry the one they love.

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