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Local Genius: Ashley Ronning

Main image: Go Away Rosemary Haters by Ashley Ronning

Hello peaches!

You know, sometimes something catches your eye in the suggested items on Etsy and your eyes sort of bug out of your head. And then you think, ‘maybe that’s just showing the only good things they have?’ (Kind of like when they put the best bits in a movie trailer.) So you click over to see what the full story is, and you get excited because everything is super ace and you’re not disappointed one tiny bit, you are instead marvelling at the genius-ness of it all. Phew. Yay.

That’s what happened to me today. With Ashley’s shop!

I love the work of Ashley Ronning. She’s from Melbourne’s northern suburbs and her work has the kind of local flavour that I am super excited and yet comforted by.  I love it that she collaborates with Sarah McNeil because I have always thought Sarah’s work was super special and the fact that she’s in a kind of ziney-arty gang with Ashley Ronning seems to make perfect sense.

Ashley Ronning + Sarah McNeil

Plant Feelings by Ashley Ronning + Sarah McNeil

Ashley Ronning and Sarah McNeil

Encouragement Plant – illustration by Ashley Ronning – lettering by Sarah McNeil (above)
Balcony Garden – by Ashley Ronning (below)

Ashley Ronning

Part of the reason I like these so much is because they are a bit garden-y, I think…

We get the keys to our new house tomorrow (I KNOW!) I am calling it The Garden House because a) it has a garden!! and b) you can see the garden from every room and c) I want the whole house to look garden-y, even on the inside!

It’s so different to where we are living now.

I feel like these prints would bring the garden in too – even if you are living somewhere a bit gardenless like we have been. Maybe you would like to buy one and support a local genius?

I will tell you more about The Garden House soon!  And also about my Melbourne Writers’ Festival session! (It went really well! Phew!) Chat soon!

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  • Melissa Gaggiano
    August 24, 2015 at 2:10 PM

    I like this illustration style. It feels so friendly.
    I know how you feel about wanting to bring a bit of garden into the house. Truth is, I’ve been wanting to paint the kitchen green. Instead Michael and I bought 3 tiny potted plants to get a bit of nature into the house. Michael panics when it looks like the plants are drying out, and he apologised to one of the plants the other day when he accidentally lopped off a perfectly healthy leaf.

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