Liking Kat MacLeod

You know when you really like someone…. and then suddenly the whole WORLD wants to like them too? Well that’s a good thing, isn’t it?! Because we love to wish success on people who are

d)kind to nature

That is Kat MacLeod… we all know she’s great, right… and it seems it’s time to share. Because those Northeners like her too. And what’s not to like?

You can find out some stuff about Kat here… and not from me, because I would just tell you the few useless little things I know… about how she has long eyelashes, a neat desk, is a good dancer and things like that. See, that’s no use to the art fanciers is it? Nope.

Please sign the ‘I Like Kat’ petition in our comments. If you like.

xx Mikes

More Kat here (and some Emma Magenta too!)


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