:: Life Now

Here’s a bit of my life. It looks pretty good, right?! Well it is pretty good, really. (Blanket pattern here!)

I’m about to launch into fresh-slightly-different times with JustB and a new bloggy project I’m working on with Kidspot.

And my life is paralleling Kate’s : writing a book, juggling life and making a blanket. (And perhaps not so parallel, but trying to make time to watch and read and eat good stuff too… although I BET Kate is doing those very things as well, because we like doing lots of the same things! Nice!)

The kids are back at school for their first full week this week. I am not quite used to having those quiet hours in the middle of the day, bookended by stressful getting-out-of-the-house-ness and hungriness. I will get used to that this week.I promise. Gulp.

I’ve been helping Rin out with little errands for her cafe while she does the big stuff.   I’ve been going to bed early and getting up REALLY early. I love that. I’m such a dork.

What are you doing?  How is life treating you?

xx Pip


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