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Hello cute-faces!

Just popping by to say the final intake of Blog With Pip is on sale with a super special bonus included. Not only can you sign up and start a blog – or improve your blog – you get a free eCourse called Blog Magic too!

And if that’s not ace enough, you get access to the lessons until the end of January, so that you can work on bloggy stuff in your own time, with heaps of time.

‘Why would I have a blog?’ I hear you asking yourself. (Maybe!) Because it’s a really fun, positive, creative habit and it will help you to document the good (and maybe less good) bits of your life in ace digital style on your own terms.

ALSO – because it helps you to make lovely connections with other like-minded souls.

So really, it’s more ‘why wouldn’t you have a blog?!’

As I said this is the final run for 2016… and possibly EVER actually. Next year I am hoping to make writing books the priority instead! That is the plan.

(You can do the eCourse from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer!)

If you have ever wanted to take my blogging eCourse – the time is ripe! Hop to it! It’ s now or (probably) never! I would love to meet you in class!

Pop over here for the details. There are limited spots to ensure an ace time.

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PS: Here are some things students have said about my eCourses:

Blog with Pip showed me the way and literally changed my life by showing me what is possible with a blog. Now I have two!  – Rebecca

Blog with Pip was such a huge breath of fresh air. Pip is an incredibly generous and clear communicator about all things blog, which can be such an overwhelming world. There were so many useful and really easy to follow lessons. But what has really taken my breath away is the Alumni community which are such an incredibly ace group of people all helping each other a long. It’s been such a treat, thanks Pip! – Susan

I participated in 3 of Pip’s courses last year and absolutely loved them. They’re fun and informative and Pip is super nice and answers all the questions – even after the courses are finished which I think is great. She has created a lovely community over on FB through her Blog with Pip courses, it’s so nice to be able to chat with like minded blogging peeps! – Bee





Top pic : Eric Ronald
Bottom pic: me

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