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Learn To Blog With Me In July (+ Some Other Cute Stuff I’ve Been Doing!)

June 5, 2017

All the cute pics from the last week or so – and a discount code for my online blogging course, too! What could be better?! I mean? #PussyCatPussyHat #NeverthelessShePawSisted



Blog With Pip is back in July. Let me teach you how to blog or blog better!

You can find all the details over here and there’s $20 off the eCourse price at the moment, too! Just for a wee while!

This course is great, because not only do you have me helping you set up your blog and write great blog posts, but you can have access to the lesson site until December 31st (and print any lessons you don’t get to as well!) It’s all a bit failsafe.

Is it time to record your family adventures somewhere other than Instagram? Or may write some more permanent stuff you can file all together away from social media – in a logical and lovely-to-look-at way? Perhaps you want to document your delicious adventures or craft skills or ponderings or health efforts or  just general person-about-town stuff?

A BLOG is a beautiful place for all that – even alongside your Instagram!

Plus… if you join in, you can be part of the Blog With Pip gang which is chock full of gorgeous and helpful people!


Life has been speeding by!

Apart from getting excited about a new gang of students I have been getting sick and hugging a cat and making things. Thankfully the sick did not last for long and the hugging did.

Bronte (this cute cat that I sometimes hug) and I had a new thing called a Cat Craft Club. We talked a lot about making things and drank tea… and then we made a Pussycat Pussy Hat and a Going Home Quilt (as you can see from the pics above.) I also worked on a crocheted blanket for my friends Jenny and Traycey’s new baby too.

Bronte stayed with us for a week, so we really did get a lot done in a short space of time, despite me being a bit poorly in the middle. Literally. (If you follow me on Instagram you can read some cute chatter about what Bronte and I got up to, too!)

What have you been doing?

x Pip

PS – I hope YOU haven’t been sick (and have maybe you’ve been hugging something/someone you like?!)


  • Reply Lisa Ward July 3, 2017 at 3:10 PM

    Hi Pip,
    Have paid and received an invoice to be a part of the July Blog course. Am keen to start the course but have not received anything from you yet. Have checked my inbox and spam folder but cannot find anything from you. Could you please help me in this matter.

  • Reply Selina June 11, 2017 at 8:09 AM

    Oh bother! Sorry to hear you weren’t well but hope your all better now.

    I was sick too but I’m totally sorted now…ok that’s a fib but I am much better & definitely on the mend.

    A dear friend sent me pictures of her cat so I could have a virtual cat hug to help comfort me .- so soothing

    • Reply Lisa Ward July 4, 2017 at 11:53 AM

      Thanks Pip for your prompt reply.
      My mistake I thought it started on the 1st July (should really wear my glasses more often!!!!!), and thought that I would need to do a lot of catching up. Look forward to starting with you on the correct date.

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