Did You Know That Some People Make Embroidered Cakes?!

Embroidered Cake

Holy cow. Can you even believe an amazing baker is whipping up ’embroidered’ cakes? I honestly can’t. And yet they make perfect sense. And yet they are too pretty to eat. And yet … I want one. Sigh.

These cakes are created by self-described ‘flour child’ Leslie Vigil and when I look at them I want to have a little sob because they are just so beautiful.

You can see much more of Leslie’s amazing work on her Instagram account. These embroidered cakes are just the tip of the iceberg. Leslie you are a genius.

Love to you, peaches!

x pip

Embroidered Cake Embroidered Cake Embroidered CakeEmbroidered CakeEmbroidered CakeEmbroidered Cake


  1. Omg!! I loved these cake designs. This looks so unique and beautiful

  2. incredible

  3. holy moly.
    cheers Kate

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