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I was skimming one of my favourite sites Most Emailed News today : and clicked on a link to NPR.  Which lead me to this post about Deborah Luster and her amazing, heartbreaking, uplifting prison photography project. Wow. The video on that post about Deborah was produced by The Kitchen Sisters.  They are totally worth talking about.  Maybe you know them already?
Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson are totally, utterly great.  (Deborah Luster is really great too, if you ask me.)  Under the moniker The Kitchen Sisters, they document amazing stuff via radio and video.  They have, in fact, been collaborating for more than 25 years on all sorts of really rad projects..  You can read their blog here, if you would like to.  Or see an overview of their work here.
Their projects include :: Lost and Found Sound : an audio archive of American history : Sonic Memorial Project :: a collaborative memorial to the sounds and stories surrounding 9/11: Hidden Kitchens :: documenting kitchen culture, family and community :: some snippets of that to watch here and here or listen to parts of the radio series here
They are currently curating/compiling The Hidden World of Girls.  You should check out the website here, because there are all sorts of ways to contribute to this project.  Especially if you are a gal! Science fiction writer Pat Cadigan’s story about her, her friend Rosemarie and their much improved life after seeing ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ is great and definitely worth a click over.  Learn about Chicken Pills and the lives of girls in Jamaica.  Listen to messages that women have left on The Hidden World of Girls phone line , covering everything from river-rafting to stuttering. It’s really great to hear people tell their own stories in their own voices, I think.
If you can support this project in any way, I think you should!!  It is a great opportunity to tell stories and start all sorts of chatter about important girl stuff.
Phew.  Well.  I guess the whole point of this post is that not only should you click over and look at what these guys are up to and support it if you can, but you should also think about the things you want to do, in your own unique way, and golly… you should totally DO them!! Like The Kitchen Sisters do!  Yes. Do.
xx Pip
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image by Deborah Luster
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