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:: Kate Berry VS Coffee Supreme

 images by Kate Berry

Remember when Kate Berry came to my house? You can see those photos here. It’s weird looking at those shots, because they were taken on the day my Uncle Ken died. It’s really quite amazing to have that day recorded in such a beautiful way.  Despite the fact that he died later that night, it feels kind of special to be able to capture where we were before it happened.

Sad. Sorry. I don’t want to be sad.  I wanted to tell you something HAPPY.

I wanted to tell you something else about Kate. On the day that she came to my house, she’d been to Coffee Supreme as well.  Kate knows a lot about coffee and cafes because she used to own Switchboard in the city (did you know that Victoria?! What a coincidence!)  I think that makes Kate the perfect person to provide a fly on the wall view of a coffee filled day.

Here are the rest of the photos. Don’t you want a coffee now?!

x Pip


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