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:: Introducing A New Cool Thing: Blog Yay! By Pip

Oh HELLO! Surprise!

I’ve been working on a new thing for a while now. It’s called BLOG YAY! and it’s a little community and learning portal for chatty or cute or clever or creative bloggers or want-to-be bloggers. How rad is that?! The idea is to help you create and maintain a blog that you love, that expresses what you need to, in the way that you want… and to help that blog grow (with a great bunch of bloggers alongside you!) And to be SUPER helpful, there’s a 4 week Learn To Blog course included!

Blog Yay! is based on all the work I’ve done in Blog With Pip PLUS my 2012 JustB Blog School PLUS my work with Voices of 2013 and Voices of 2014 (a great blogging program) PLUS all the things I have learned since creating my own blog in 2006. Yowzers!

Not only does the site have ALL the helpful Blog With Pip lessons* included, but there are heaps of other ace things like forums (for chatting or technical stuff), blog advice, blog tips, social media smarts and writing pointers too!

If you choose to take the Blog With Pip lessons on site, there are my usual helpful worksheets PLUS all the Blog With Pip homework assignments my students have enjoyed since it launched last year. (And you can dip into those, even if you don’t do the rest of the lessons! The idea is to cherry pick the bits you WANT to do!)

If you’re not doing Blog With Pip lessons, there’s heaps of stuff for you too:

You can read cute columns like ‘Social Club‘ which explores the social media habits of our favourite people and ‘Ask A Grown Writer‘ with tips from real, actual writers (including me, because I just wrote my fifth book!)  Excitingly, we’ve also got guest post pop-ups from The Photo School on the way! PLUS a Facebook group for Blog Yay! gang members, in case you are a Facebook addict like me! And posts on the Blog To Book journey too! And advice for bloggers who want to add public speaking to their arsenal of skills.

For the blog launchers, we’ve got special hosting packages and discount developer (for behind the scenes blog tweaking!) help in the pipeline too.

And that is just for starters. Forthcoming posts include advice from media outlets on how bloggers can get noticed and published, tips on helpful platforms and programs, apps you need in your arsenal, blogger/creative profiles and a HEAP MORE! Phew!

Perhaps you’d like to learn more about blogging? Maybe you’d like to join? Okay! Do that here! I made the site all by myself, so do excuse any hiccups (if they occur) and let me know! Some of my students have popped in already and it seems to be going according to plan (so far!0

x Pip

*  (Please note the Blog Yay! version of the Blog With Pip lessons are NOT supervised by me, but you have the forums and private FB group to ask any questions and other bloggers/me are often around to answer those! If you prefer more handholding, you might like to sign up to be first in for the next Pip-supervised version of Blog With Pip!)

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