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I just wanted to tell you about this October course, in case you are a blogger! If not, click away! Or over to THIS post, perhaps?!

Inspiration Information for Bloggers

Commences 1 October 2014

Based on my ace creativity eCourse, Inspiration Information (which 70+ people have happily navigated!) – this all new blogger’s version is the perfect blog-pick-me-up. It’s a condensed version with a blog (rather than life) focus.

Inspiration Information For Bloggers is a 30 day program providing daily instruction on better writing, blog good looks, blogging motivation, creativity, blog visuals and more.

Build creative habits, encourage creativity, improve the look of your blog, spark bright ideas and clever content AND create blog friendships along the way.

Class size is limited to 50 students. My existing blogging students have already snapped up half of those, so if this seems like your kind of thing, know that THAT is the situation with available spots!

Sign up here, if this sounds good to you!

If you want something different, you could also look at my new membership site for bloggers here. It’s just $15 a month! (NB it doesn’t include the Inspiration Information For Bloggers course content.)

See you soon to talk about sausage rolls!

x Pip

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