:: In Praise Of True Stories

How are you? Are you well? I’m over a HUGE work busy time and now just have a regular work busy time.  The GOOD thing about that is that I have some time to do other things, like read books.  I find that reading books is the first thing to be put on the back burner when I’m busy. Do you find that too? I just stick my head in my computer and all my reading seems to be based around the screen. It’s SO GOOD to get back to reading stories. Instead of posts.  As good as posts are… ;)

I just finished a faux-bio… a semi-fictional story based on the life of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley. I loved that.  Then I went in search of this book at Readings, but they didn’t have it. But luckily they had this book, which I had been wanting to read for ages. So I got that instead.  And I also got this book. Because I love Grace. She’s pretty amazing, clever, wild, eccentric, graceful.  Do you like her too?

I’m reading ‘What Remains’ right now, and I am loving it. It’s the story of Carole Radziwill (who married JFK Jnr’s cousin Anthony : Jackie O was his aunt) and tells of her life, career, her sweet friendship with Carolyn Bessette and Anthony’s battle with cancer.

It’s so interesting, because you get a glimpse into the Kennedy family and a bit of European aristocracy too.  And yet it’s totally down to earth.  Carole’s a great writer and her life is really interesting.  (Don’t let the fact that she’s one of The Real Housewives of New York City (really!) fool you!  She’s a former ABC journalist and she has a keen eye for detail.  And she’s my favourite housewife. And she looks like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith! Win!)

So.  I guess I’m a bit obsessed with reading stories with more than a grain of truth. I’m pretty inspired by how other people live. I like seeing how they get through the tough bits. I like reading about the good times they have, the things they ate, the places they walked.  I like to try to imagine them going through their paces. I like to close my eyes and transport myself into the real life happenings they describe in their stories.  I like to see the little things that define them.  I like to sneak myself in their lives.

Are you a bit like that too? Do you like true stories, biographies, autobiographies?  Are you a bit obsessed with reality and real life stories, like me?

(I wrote my own real life story over here today.  Would you like to read that?!)

x Pip

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