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Here is what I’ve been reading via Feedly!  So many things! All of the good things!

Eleanor’s post about her amazing-sounding Pea, Lemon & Garlic Guacamole : at Petite Kitchen (above)

Kaz Cooke is Creative Fellow at the State Library of Victoria at the moment. I have been following along with all her amazing finds. Head to Fellow Frockery for: “A project on what people wear to show who they are and where they belong: from tiaras to footy jumpers.” (below)

This is an “Escape and Evasion” double map printed on a scarf worn by Royal Australian Airforce crew who flew Pacific and other northern missions in World War 2.

Reading about Miss Zali’s lovely pages in the awesome Big Kids Magazine. Hi Zali! (Also hi Poppy!!) (above)

Look! Can you even believe Kate’s posting the Same Old Crap?! (below)

DosFamily talk TV love. I love TV too. I also love DosFamily. This blog consistently reminds me of what it is to be a great blogger. It’s really fun and funny and interesting and real and inspiring. It’s a total all-time fave for me. (above)

Speaking of great bloggers… I have been very busy with my new Blog With Pip students!! They are a bunch of smart, inquisitive cookies. I love teaching people about blogging and life-y stuff, so this is an intense but ace time!

And there’s some scenes from my phone’s camera this week. I worked in the studio every day (except for Wednesday!) I am working on a few different jobs at the moment. I am really loving making pretty pictures for my new book the MOST. I also started a brand new pin board. There are 3 things on it. A picture Kate Forster prompted (the Frida Kahlo parrot/ciggy one). A picture of me knitting on the beach as a child and a picture of Sunday Reed’s kitchen in the old days of Heide. I’m going to keep putting things on there to tell a little story about moving in to my studio.

The Frida one is about friendship and beauty. The me one is about growing up and being true to you. The Sunday one is about friendship and creativity. Nice, huh?

In my studio I like to wear clogs or no shoes. I keep my florally clogs there just for those cloggy moments and kick my fancier shoes aside. I have a tiny fridge to keep my lunch chilly on these toasty days. Sometimes I buy my lunch (salad) and sometimes I make my lunch (salad). My favourite salad at the moment goes like this:

Take one packet of washed coleslaw veggies : add one tin of drained Sirena tuna in olive oil : add some sliced tomato and some rocket or whatever else sounds nice (celery?) Dress with a squeeze of lemon and some mayo and chill until lunchtime. Then I eat it with heaps of Sriracha sauce and a bit of salt and pepper!

I have a coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon too.

I am really adjusting to studio life very well. At the start I was a bit freaked out. I felt like I was pretending! Now I am getting used to it, have all the things I need and am finding my place in the world again! I am getting twice as much done and at home I feel twice as relaxed because work isn’t melding into home time as much anymore. I also get to be distraction free all day, which is a total novelty. I like it.

Also, I’ve been doing lots of exercise and eating yum/healthy stuff. Finally I am over my chesty illness of early January. It’s so good to be well, right? It really is. I got a Fitbit (just like Kate) yesterday so I am busting to track my incidental steps and see how I fare. I have been a total swot, doing 8kms on the cross trainer 5 days a week to kickstart things nicely. Exercising is so boring. I hate it. But afterwards I feel so good. And about an hour afterwards if I have a coffee, I feel EVEN BETTER. Those endorphins like to cocktail it up with caffeine. ‘I feel so GOOD! WARM and HAPPY’, I say to Cam as I sip my latte. He rolls his eyes and tells me about things that are on SBS.

What have you been up to? Are you reading anything or adjusting to anything?! Is anyone rolling their eyes at you?

x Pip

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