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Imaginary Wardrobe: Mara Hoffman

Look. I don’t really buy a lot of clothes. When I do, I tend to buy second-hand or Melbourne-made. But in my head, I sometimes go shopping for a very large number of other (often expensive) fashionable things.

As my budget doesn’t stretch too far, when it comes to clothing, and as my mindset doesn’t stretch to having too many things I don’t need, an imaginary wardrobe is just the thing.

Not only does it only cost the time it takes to consider, it reminds me of the kinds of colours and shapes and jaunty situations I prefer. Bonuses all ’round, pretty much. No matter that I’m sitting here in leggings and a t-shirt dress from 2 years ago. It’s the thought that counts. The looking and choosing and pretending and colourful delight. No expense spared. Literally.

Imaginary Wardrobe = The things you’d wear if you could wear anything!

Today’s episode of Imaginary Wardrobe stars Mara Hoffman.

Not only does Mara make the kind of things I fancy wearing, she turned her business upside down to ensure that she was making these things as ethically as possible too.

“The weight of the harm of the industry had started outweighing my desire to be a designer and have a brand,” she told Fashionista in the wake of the Rana Plaza Factory disaster. She set about revolutionising her business, with a firm focus on ethical production.

She seems keen to buck the mindless consumption and fast fashion trends, pushing instead for carefully and consciously made pieces that stand the test of time.

“Clothing is a beautiful way to express yourself,” Mara said. “That’s why I’m here, to be a part of what it can do on an emotional level for somebody and bring them this feeling of confidence. But in the end, more stuff is not what will make you happy. It just isn’t.”

Here are some Mara pieces for my imaginary wardrobe…

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x Pip

Mara Hoffman Mara Hoffman Mara Hoffman Mara Hoffman Mara HoffmanMara HoffmanMara Hoffman

1. Tunic dress
2. Midi wrap dress
3. Embroidered midi dress
4. Suspender midi skirt
5. Patch pocket mini dress
6. Tie front ankle dress
7. Button side culottes
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