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Imaginary Home: Christina Lundsteen Velvet Cushions

Christina Lundsteen

You can’t have everything you like, can you? Otherwise your home would be full to the brim with stuff, nothing would feel special and you might be shoo-ing away the debt collectors, because who even can afford all the things*?!

This is when Imaginary Wardrobe and Imaginary Home are useful.

You can just sort of relentlessly moon over the non-afforded or non-acquired – and daydream about what life would feel like with ’em, never actually buying a single thing!

Not everything has to be snapped up – we can like things without getting them sometimes – it honestly doesn’t hurt a bit!


Today in Imaginary Home I am imagining these velvet cushions.

Yes, I can make cushions, but this ace lady – Christina Lundsteen – has made some gorgeous ones (and other things) and I am going to pay homage to hers instead.




I love these because:

A – the colours are lovely
B – they look smoosh-y and comfortable
C – they are velvet
D – they are precariously stacked

Imagine them at yours, today!


x Pip

* Not me!

PS: This is the first Imaginary Home – but Imaginary Wardrobe has a couple of eps on file.

PPS: If you HAVE to buy one, I will understand… #NoJudgement

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    May 29, 2017 at 8:10 PM

    I feel like velvet is so underrated! I love it!

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