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I’m writing a book. I’ve written 24 088 words so far. It’s quite exciting. I thought I’d tell you a bit about that…

My book is a mixture of life, food and craft. This is really great because these are all the things I like. My other books are purely craft books:

Meet Me At Mike’s
Sew La Tea Do
Meet Me At Mike’s Crafty Journal
Make Hey! While The Sun Shines

This next book is different to those because there is a BIG written element (25 000+ words) on top of the craft and foodie bits. This time the writing is the hero and the craft and food sit beside that. There’s actually going to be more recipes than craft, I think. It’s a shift, but I think it’s going to be a good one!

I’ve taken a year or so to research and gather ideas. Then I wrote a first draft. NOW I’m writing the second, working on a BIG quota of 2000 words a day. I want the book to seem like a nice long chat, so writing the second draft in one huge, intense burst seems like a good way to do that.

I am finding it hard to juggle my other work with the book, but I know I can do it! I’m just going to push through and make it happen! Go me!

Random booky facts:

1.   When I read some bits of my book back, I laugh at my own jokes. Doh.
2.   It is very elating to see the pile of pages grow. It’s quite heavy now.
3.   I’m a bit scared of the critics, but I’m going to act tough.
4.   Writing makes me really really hungry.
5.   I’m a bit sad because I’ve nearly finished writing.
6.   I’ve written the book using Notes (on my MacBook Air), Google Drive and 750words.com
7.   In the mornings, I do a big walk and write down notes for my book.
8.   In the afternoons, I write the chapters and slot the notes in where they need to go.
9.   I’m planning some other future books already.
10. This is the book I have always really wanted to write!
11.  Ari felt the weight of the book and said he was ‘really proud of me’.
12.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you’ve been putting up with me posting my word count each day!
13.  I am doing that so that budding writers will know that they can write a book too.

My deadline is September. I found out that THIS LADY has a very similar deadline. Snaps!

Do you have any of my books? Do you want to write a book some day?

x Pip


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