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Hello peaches!

Hope your Monday is coming along swimmingly. Mine is disappearing much faster than I would prefer… I have not finished the things I am trying to finish. I have not done all the things I am trying to do.

Still. I am cosy inside, drinking a lot of tea, chipping away at things. I know that they’ll get done. It might be a little later than planned, but late is still done, right?!

I wanted to quickly show you this cute project I started on Mother’s Day. A poncho. Of course. It’s super easy and fun to make. I think I had the exact same kind when I was little and I most definitely want to make one for my niece. This one is for me though. I’m about 1/4 the way through. Ponchos take time.

Rin (my daughter who is twenty-seven) popped around and I asked her to try it on for me, but she just shuddered and said ‘Errr. COLOURS!’ Rin doesn’t like colours. That’s okay, though, because everyone is different. I asked Rin if she wanted me to make her a grey one but she said she didn’t like ponchos because you can’t hold a bag when you are wearing a poncho. I said you could hold it in the crook of your arm or you could have a pocket in your poncho. She wouldn’t be in it, unforts. But that’s okay. I still love her. I have the capacity to love people who don’t love ponchos. I’m good like that.

Still… I guess I will have to try it on for myself…

(I’m definitely going to add pompoms to this poncho. Just in case you were going to ask. I’m really definitely going to do that.)

Have you been making anything? Maybe you’d like to make a poncho? Or just wear a poncho? Or maybe colours make you shudder too and you want this in grey or taupe or black instead? Maybe you don’t like ponchos either?

Do tell me. Drop a comment below? Tell me your making/poncho thoughts? Ponchos : yes? no?

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  1. I am making 2 identical ponchos for my sisters twin grandaughters! One is finished and one is not!!!

  2. LOVE ponchos. Am currently making 2, both for me 😀

  3. I like ponchos but they can be a bit awkward with a shoulder bag. I have a messenger- type bag that i wear across my body at the moment which works great with a poncho. I am more partial to the knitted poncho but I think you will wear your crocheted colourful one well Pip. I tend to be more conservative with colours but often yearn to wear something bold. Happy making. I am knitting dishcloths at the moment, quick and colourful, I can try out new patterns and they make great gifts.

  4. Your poncho looks fab! I love a good poncho but usually don’t wear alot of bright colours. I have a great poncho that is cobalt blue and black with a bit of a Mexican trim around the bottom. Somehow I still wear my bag over my shoulder with it. Unfortunately I went to wear it on the weekend but horror! I found tomato sauce blobs on the front, left from when I wore it to the Football last year! I will be sprucing it up for Winter definitely x

  5. Yes, pom poms would be a great addition. To solve the bag issue, an across the body bag would work a treat. I must start crocheting again. Zoe xx

  6. LOVE the poncho! I need to make one of those! I haven’t been crocheting or knitting for a while, I need to pick back up some projects that are half finished. 🙂

  7. I really need to make a new one for miss Eve this year, I might copy the one of my mum’s that is stashed in her wardrobe from when she was a little girl. I do love a good poncho.

  8. I would totally wear that poncho, with pom-poms. I should attempt to make one of these!

  9. I love ponchos in theory, but then as Rin said, bag carrying can be an issue! They are nice for swanning about and looking cool, so that is what I am sure you will be doing in your poncho with pom poms. I have a grey poncho which I love but don’t wear as much as I could. Must be sure to wear it more this winter.

  10. Not generally a huge fan of ponchos to be honest, but I could get on board with this one, it’s really rather beautiful and I love the colours!xx

  11. Oh so yes to ponchos but I’m afraid I’m with Rin on this one… Mine is all Sth American earthy Llama wool! No bright fluoros or pom Poms here either! Great portable blanket for wintery days! Not so good for handbags but I figure sometimes a jeans pocket will just have to do!

  12. I’m with Rin. No to ponchos! Too awkward and I’m short would look like I was wearing a Nana blanket. But I love the colours so pretty

  13. Love a poncho, totally love this poncho, pom poms will make it extra lovely….yummy xx

  14. I’ve been thinking a lot about ponchos recently. Many years ago I had one in subtle greens and browns – very earthy. But now I’m thinking about making one for myself in Very Bright Colours – so I can wear a rainbow around my shoulders.

  15. i had a poncho when I was little. It was black and coloured like your traditional granny blanket. Mine didn’t have pom-poms but had a fringe and was very cosy. I think I’d like one again but I may go sophisticated neutrals – although I do love your colours Pip!

  16. I have my hand bag on my shoulder under my poncho. Made my daughter one in her school colours and she hated it 🙁

  17. I need this pattern pip!

  18. Poncho fo Sho! The colours in yours are so great and it’s good you still love Rin even though she doesn’t dig colours.
    I’ve made a cute beanie for a cute new baby and I’m making a giant Granny blanket for my younger son. I seem to have created a little creative nest around my armchair!
    I think I could totes rock a Poncho.

  19. Yes yes yes,love the poncho. Would love the pattern.

  20. Hells yes to ponchos! I unfortunately don’t own any at the moment – I got rid of a rather ratty-looking one a year or so ago. Me thinks it’s time I got back into the poncho-wearing craze! Also, a pompom poncho sounds positively delightful!

  21. I crocheted a poncho once! I was asked to make it by my aunt, who is a professional costume maker, and it got to appear in the stage production of ‘Flower Children’ at the Comedy Theatre, which was very, very exciting! Flower Children was a musical based on the story of the Mamas and the Papas, so it was a super 60s poncho made of 6 big granny squares, with tassels and everything.

    I am always, always, all for colour and pompoms, your poncho sounds amazing 🙂

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