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I’m Cooking These Things (In Case You Fancy Cooking Them Too!)

Movida Rice

Sometimes there is nothing better than putting the radio on the 80s only station and making delicious things..!

Spanish Rice with Chicken and Green Beans a la Movida Roasted Root Vegetable StewSpanish Rice with Chicken and Green Beans a la Movida


I saw the vegetable dish on Pinterest and knew I would have to give it a try.
And the other image – with the bull tile and the bunch of thyme – is a big batch of Frank from Movida’s Spanish Style Rice with Chicken and Green Beans. It’s Ari’s favourite thing to eat, so I thought I would make his rice-y dreams come true.

And then I thought I’d do a quick pop-in here and spill the beans, just in case you want to cook sometime new – and try one/both at your place, on the weekend.

Also worth noting:  I’ve been working on my Snuggle Stitch blanket, as you can see (below). It’s growing slowly but surely… Mostly slowly, I admit. The other blanket is a simple half-treble in the back-loop blanket. It’s a nice no-brainer project or when I need a break from the Snuggle one.

Anyhow, hoping you are well and readying yourself for an excellent weekend.

Back soon!

x Pip

Snuggle Stitch blanket Lemon and Peaches Blanket


  • Kerri
    October 16, 2017 at 9:50 AM

    YUM, I’ve printed out the chicken recipe an hopefully this weekend will give it a whirl. Thanks for delicious ideas! 🙂

  • Library_Geek
    October 15, 2017 at 5:11 PM

    Looks delish, thanks so much for sharing.

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