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Identify Your Blog Crushes

July 8, 2014




As bloggers, we are often inspired by the work of others. Most bloggers started out as non-bloggers, reading the work of others and wondering if they would enjoy blogging too. Does that sound a bit like you?

For me, Loobylu was my first ever blog crush. After that I grew even more bloggy and added Posie Gets Cozy, Angry Chicken, Decor8 and Soulemama to my faves. That was quite a long time ago and blogging has exploded since then. I read so many blogs, some religiously and others more sporadically (but still admiringly!) I love different blogs for different things. I’m inspired by other bloggers every day. For instance:

Old times sake-y, I love Loobylu’s sweet, interesting, unpretentious blog. I like her pop-in-pop-out blogging style. Her sweet illustrations and her delicious approach to family life. She makes me want to be more creative, change things up, move countries, start afresh. She’s sort of the unblogger now, although Loobylu was one of Australia’s VERY FIRST creative blogs. I like her rule breaking ‘tude.

I love a blog called DosFamily. It’s run by two great women who approach life with a saturated sense of colour and sparkle and a keen photographer’s eye (with a touch of unicorn for good measure!) The ladies of Dos Family make me want to have more fun, take better photos, take risks, be silly and celebrate life.

I love reading Amelia’s blog and Michelle’s blog and Kate’s blog because they make me hungry and they make me want to cook nicer food more often and take better photos.   You can find some other blog crushes and blog friends of mine here.


Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 4.21.58 PM

I think we can learn a lot from our blog crushes. I think they give us great clues about what we want to achieve with our own blogs/lives.

Maybe we admire the voice of a particular blogger or the aesthetics of another. Perhaps it’s fantastic photography or quirky viewpoints? It might be consistency or post length. It could be anything really.

Our blog crushes might show us:

What a ‘great blog’ is to us
Skills we admire (and may want to brush up on!)
Our ideal work ethic
Tone and aesthetic
Identity and success


Apart from learning about ourselves when we read other creative blogs, it’s really awesome to give credit where it’s due. These blogs inspire hundreds and thousands of people each day, often without really knowing their full value. It’s a great idea to contact your favourite bloggers and let them know how much you love their work. Contact your crush/es today! Thank them for their work and for their inspiring part in your own bloggy journey!

Scrolls By Kate Berry

This delicious image is by Kate Berry : Click to visit Kate

Activity:  Have a think about your  blog crushes. Write them down and pinpoint the strengths you admire in your chosen few.

  1. Underline the strengths you share.
  2. Circle the strengths you aspire to (and make a plan to improve!)


In the comments:

Which blogs were the very first ones you read and loved? And why?

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