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April 26, 2016

Yellow_Satchel_Wooden_Bag1_1024x1024 oak_wood_wallet4_1024x1024 DSCF0110_1024x1024
oak_wood_wallet6_1024x1024 Yellow_Satchel_Wooden_Bag3_1024x1024


No need to wince, grammar lovers.

I know that I should have used the word ‘would’ in the header above. Get back. Get back. Needless to say I was taking my wit out for a spin (admittedly crossing dangerously into the vicinity of dad jokes) and it seemed like a good idea at the thyme. I mean time. I meant to do it, is what I mean.

These wooden accessories by GravGrav of Istanbul are enough to make anyone a little bit bonkers in a very good and not-excellently-grammatical way. Not only are they delightfully unexpected, they have lovely details and are just plain gorgeous, let’s be frank.

They have the added bonus of being QUITE the dangerous weapon too, so if you’re thinking of mugging someone with a GravGrav purse for their ATM card, you should totally think again. Yeowch.

You can see the full range and get a little bit of a taste of Instabul (not Constantinople) right here.

The little cross-stitched clutch is my fave. Which one do you like the best, guys?


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