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:: I Went To Tassie!

Hey! Hi!

Did you know I went to Tassie?! Probably if you follow me on Instagram you know it. I posted so many photos I wouldn’t blame you if you UNFOLLOWED me. I was born in Tasmania and I always go a bit nuts when I go home. All of the reminiscing and the nostalgia and the photo taking ensue.

This time I was super lucky because I went to The Photo School and hung out with Kate Berry and Peta Mazey and heaps of other rad chicks (and a boy too!)  I also stayed the night with Hugo & Elsa’s Michelle and her super-delightful family. And then I headed off to my Mum’s place to hang out with her and my bro and my Nan. SUCH a good few days!

The weather was beautiful and the countryside was beautiful and I learned some good stuff too. For instance my Nan told me these things:

She and her siblings used to go to the greengrocer and ask for the ‘specks’ – these were the fruit and veg with flaws on them and they always sold them cheaper than the picture perfect versions.

They were often sent down to the Arnott’s biscuit factory with a clean pillowcase and orders to buy its fill of broken biscuits.

Same deal with the fruit cake factory. They’d head there with a request for ‘stale cake’ and bring it home to have with tea.

Can you even imagine? Times were tough!

Today, Mum took me for a big drive past all the different houses we lived in when we were kids. I took photos (I will show you those soon) and we had nice chats about life and the things that had happened. I remembered lots of things I had forgotten:

The Mount Nelson Primary School Walkathon up to the signal station.
Tobogganing down the snowy Mount Nelson Road.
Walking from my Nan’s place down to the shop to buy Kiss bubblegum.
Dragging towels, buckets and spades up the hill to the shack at Tinderbox.

Aw nice. I had such a great time and feel really rested and excited, if that makes sense.

Isn’t it lovely to head back to where you came from and  revisit the things that helped make you, you?

x Pip


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