Hundreds and Thousands and Tiny Nonsense

Yesterday at Mikes we threw handfuls of 100s and 1000s on the footpath in front of the shop. When people walked past, they heard the teeny tiny crunch.. and they looked down and smiled. It was a good day. I think that the rain washed them down the drain and out into the lovely multi-coloured bay.

Jess visited today and I tried to stack all the swap cards in their pink box, neatly in two piles with the best ones on the top.. I gave Jess the one with the 2 kittens.. and the one with the bear – because she really likes bears. She brought Peter in to visit today. He sat amongst the stolen Hydrangeas.. and the beautiful Christmas Stocking Jess gave us.. and a lovely yellow 1950s floral apron with concealed pockets.

When I was little my friend Vanessa had these Tiny Nonsense Story Golden Books.. and I wanted them so MUCH! Maybe I will find some one day…

Ari got student of the week… Max got a really ace report… Cam went to the dentist… Brooke went to the beach… We had lots of visitors and a new delivery of Charlie and Lola books! Hurrah!
xx mikes


  1. I love charlie & Lola too!
    that tiny bookstore book collection is super cute!!!

  2. I have the Charlie and Lola screensaver. The one with Lotta and Lola being snow angels and things like that! We are just pleased to meet each other!

  3. Spookily again Charlie and Lola is my screen saver much to my husbands horror, we love Charlie and Lola, I have 4 girls 🙂 It hasn’t arrived in france yet so we watch the videos…

    wish I’d seen the hundreds and thousands…

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